Hard Drives Fail? Avoid Glitches with These Tips.

Hard Drives Fail? Avoid Glitches with These Tips.
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Hard drives are a very precious part for computers, since all the information that we collect on our PC is stored there, that is, all images, videos, documents and music are found here. Also, the programs that we have downloaded and installed are on the hard drive.

In short, it is a piece that stores all the information that we keep in it. It is a tragedy when a hard drive is damaged since everything we have there is irretrievably lost, a hard drive can have several failures and it is unusual for it to happen but over time the chances of a failure occurring in them increase.

If you want to know the common hard drive failure, what you should do to take care of them, among other curious information about them, then keep reading and do not miss them.

Hard drives fail? And what is its duration time

It is rare when a hard drive starts to fail but it is possible and it also has a date where they are most damaged, however before we get into the time when you should worry about your hard drive you have to know different things; Hard drives like many electronic parts have their useful life, everything changes according to the brands but at some point it has to fail.

Common failures in hard drives are due to poor installation of them and also if it overloads the PC, remember that there are parts of computers that require more energy than others and for this you need a good power source, if you have one. Low voltage power source when you have a hard disk that demands more power than usual; it does not work optimally and can be damaged.

Also, another less common failure but that can happen are the malware or viruses that are hosted on the hard drive, these viruses gradually damage the system until they destroy it imminently, some of this malware have the function of eliminating the information from the hard drive, something extremely negative for us that we have valuable information on them.

What is the lifetime of hard drives?

Like everything on the computer market, all the parts depend on the brand that makes them, some companies guarantee quality parts, and they are, others are not so reliable. What we know from the surveys conducted that they can be damaged within a certain period.

Everything happens after four years of using the hard disk, when four years pass, hard drives tend to perform less, this is due to their use and that users do not give them proper maintenance. When the capacity of the hard drives is almost to the limit they can begin to fail or at least slow down compared to when they have good free space. Most of all it happens to have junk information.

What is certain is that hard drives tend to fail after four years of use, from there or a little earlier you must bear in mind that your hard drive runs a risk of damage, for this you must take care of it more than necessary and above all to have a backup of your information.

Tips to protect your information and extend the life of your hard drive

Strategy 3-2-1 Backups

Several companies recommend this strategy to have a backup of the information; it is a method where you have to keep three copies of an important file on your computer, one which is main and two backups.

You can have the two backups in different storage to protect them against any risk, you can store it in the cloud or another type of storage that your hard drive has.

Finally, store a copy of all the important files on an external device, it can be another hard drive that you do not use, in the cloud, a pen drive, whatever you want but you just have it to keep your information saved.

Constant cleaning of junk files

In order for you to frequently clean your computer, you need a special program for this such as Cleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner, among others. Special PC cleaning programs specialize specifically in this and it is essential for you to maintain the security of your hard drive, also for the functioning of your computer to be optimal.

Have a good antivirus

The antivirus will block all entry of harmful files that may be stored on the hard drives, you can also make frequent analyzes of how it is, since sometimes small viruses can be sneaked through the antivirus, but they are detected with a complete analysis.

Cloud backup

Take advantage of technology and create backups on online platforms, such as Google Drive, cloud, among other platforms, there are many pages that offer you the service of storing in the cloud so take advantage of them.


Always be careful with the voltage when installing new parts in your PC and try to take maximum care of the entire computer.

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