How to Annotate PDFs on Windows in 4 Ways?

How to Annotate PDFs on Windows in 4 Ways?
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22 December 2023

One of the most effective ways to collaborate with friends or coworkers and share feedback is by annotating a PDF. If you need help annotating PDFs effectively due to the complexity of the process, we're here to help. Here, we'll review annotating PDF files and how to annotate PDFs using different methods, including Systweak PDF Editor.

You can better understand and retain the information you're reading by adding markups to the document as you go along.  Don't worry about reading five pages before realizing you forgot what the author said on page three. This will prevent that from happening!

What is the Use of PDF Annotation Files?

Annotations help you to make connections and see concepts clearly, you'll read more actively and understand more of what you read.  Annotations are effective but use them sparingly. You should not underline the entire document but rather the most crucial parts.

Methods for Manually Annotating a PDF

To annotate PDF files, you must use these methods. Here, we will show you three manual methods of how to mark up a PDF. Let's see what they are!

Method 1: Annotate PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat

First, we'll take a look at how to annotate PDFs on Windows using Adobe Acrobat DC or Reader DC since these are the most popular PDF readers in the business world:

Step 1: Load the PDF into Adobe Acrobat or Reader DC. Use the File → Open option or drag a file into the Acrobat interface.

Step 2: To view all annotation options, click the Comment tool.

Text boxes, callouts, freehand drawings, preset shapes, stamps, and more are all part of the annotation toolbar, located just below the main toolbar.

Step 3: After choosing an annotation tool (e.g., shapes or highlighting), you can click on the document to add it or choose the content you want to annotate.

Step 4: Click anywhere to apply the annotation after you've adjusted its size, color, font, position, etc.

Step 5: To keep things clear, rename the newly annotated PDF before saving.

Method 2: Annotate PDFs with the Systweak PDF Editor

We will review the steps to annotate a PDF using the Systweak PDF Editor tutorial:

Start Systweak PDF Editor after the installation is complete. To get a feel for this Windows PDF editor, follow the included instructions:

Step 1: To import PDFs into the program for viewing, reading, editing, compressing, securing, or converting, go to the "Open PDF" section. Feel free to upload a single PDF or a bunch!

Step 2: A PDF's many features, including annotating, editing, viewing, pages, converting, security, and tools, become apparent when you open the file. To meet all of your PDF editing, organizing, and management requirements, each category has sub-modules with extensive capabilities.

Step 3: Select the appropriate option and begin customizing your PDF files to meet your requirements.

Step 4: It is time to save your document after editing and organizing your PDF. Please select "Save" or "Save as" from the File menu to save your final edited version to a location on your computer.

Does Anyone Know What Systweak PDF Editor is?

A PDF editor that lets you easily edit PDFs; despite its robust feature set, the PDF editing software from Systweak Software needs to be improved in a few key areas. Whatever the case, it certainly isn't a simple PDF editor.

Systweak PDF Editor's Features:

It is one of the best pdf editor among users due to its enormous characteristics which are mentioned below. Let’s know them one by one:

  • Bookmarks
  • Perform OCR
  • Insert blank PDF pages
  • Make changes to a PDF easily
  • Various ways to view PDF files
  • Search bar to search text in PDFs
  • You can convert PDFs one by one or in bulk
  • Transform PDFs into Word, Excel, text, and picture formats, and inversely
  • Compress PDFs individually and in bulk
  • Two or more identical PDF documents
  • Combine and cut up PDFs
  • Annotate PDF
  • Secure PDFs

Systweak PDF Editor's Advantages:

Systweak PDF editor possesses various advantages which are quite user-friendly. The following points can be considered as the benefits of using this tool:

  • Go paperless
  • Fix the PDFs' wrong orientation
  • Create searchable and selectable text from scanned documents
  • Make PDFs from various formats, including Word, Excel, text, and HTML
  • Use this tool to insert blank PDF pages and remove unwanted ones
  • Merge or split PDFs

Issues with Systweak PDF Editor:

Though, it’s a wonderful tool, here is why you may give it a second thought!

  • It does not work with any operating system other than Windows.

Method 3:  Annotate with UPDF

Here, you will see how to markup a PDF with UPDF is similarly straightforward:

Step 1: Use UPDF to open PDFs

You can open UPDF by double-clicking its icon. Click "Open File" on the UPDF window to open the file browser. To open a PDF file, locate it in your computer's storage and double-click on it. If you have opened the document in UPDF before, you can find it in the Recent list.

Step 2: Select "underline" in the comment section

Pressing "Comment" in the right-hand pane will bring up UPDF's annotation options in the top panel. For this demonstration, we'll use the "Underline" function. Underline any text by clicking, holding, and dragging the cursor.

Step 3: Choose an editor, such as a text comment

Click "Text Comment" and then click the PDF where you want the text to appear to add a text comment. As you type, you can change size, color, and font.

Step 4: To save, click the file

Click "File" at the top and then scroll down to save after annotating everything. Click the button if you want to keep working on the same PDF. Press the "Control & S" buttons simultaneously to save your edits.

Method 4: Annotate Online

Alternatively, you can use any of the online utilities to annotate, edit, or make changes to your PDF files. There are dozens of great PDF editors that allow you to work on your PDF files for FREE {With some limitations}. You can simply upload your PDF file on the web portal, get the edits done, and download it back on your PC.


Learning how to make annotations on PDF can help you get more done in less time, whether you're cramming for a test, completing a project, or wanting a more organized way to handle your document collection. You can accomplish this with any tool you have on hand, regardless of your platform, because it's easy.

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