How To Do The Setek WiFi Extender Factory Reset?

How To Do The Setek WiFi Extender Factory Reset?
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Are you sick of your home's network dead spots? Tired of hopping from location to location in search of internet signals? Your problems can be all but eliminated with the Setek wifi range extender. In addition to stronger signals, it is renowned for its wide network coverage. There are no longer any dead zones because it can cover up to 2500 square feet. However, a setek factory reset is necessary if your Setek extender is still not functioning despite numerous attempts. Here, we'll explain to you how to do the setek wifi extender factory reset.


Steps To Setup Setek Wifi Range Extender With Wifi Router-


Let's look at how the Setek wifi range extender is connected to your wifi network before getting into the reset procedures. Read through the following instructions to set up your Setek wifi range extender. It is connected to the wifi router via an ethernet connection.


  • Connect your wifi extension and router to the power outlet first.


  • Make sure the extension and router are located near together for a stronger connection.


  • Now patiently watch for changes in the green LED light.


  • Then, for 2 seconds, push the WPS button on your extension. Use the wifi router in a similar manner.


  • Now, both the wifi router and range extender will have a light that is blinking.


  • It can take a few seconds for the extension and router to connect.
  • Once connected to the router, the Setek extender's WPS indicator will become completely green.


  • In order to maximize network coverage, unplug your range extender and replug it in a different electrical socket.

Steps To Perform The Setek Wifi Extender Factory Reset-


If your wifi range extender isn't working, the reset feature on them can be quite beneficial. The last resort is to reset the Setek range extender to its default settings, even if you have performed all the troubleshooting methods. To do the reset, adhere to the simple instructions listed below:

In the beginning, locate and press the reset button on your Setek wifi range extender for 10 seconds.


  • Wait for the LED light to turn red at this point.


  • When you finally go to the Setek wifi extender, wait patiently for 30 seconds.


  • Next, fill out the address column with the default gateway address.


  • 192.168.50 is the standard IP address; be sure to input the right one.


  • Tap the management tab on the screen of your computer's right side.


  • To continue, locate the button that says "Restore factory settings" and click it.


  • Your screen will display a notification asking you to confirm your activity.


  • To continue with the factory reset, press the OK button.


That’s it, the Setek factory reset is complete after these steps. It is very easy and convenient to perform the factory reset option.

After going through the following steps you know how to perform the Set factory reset. Once you complete the setek wifi extender factory reset you will now be able to enjoy your extended network without any issues. Enjoy the extended network and improved signals.

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