How to transfer AOL Emails to Yahoo

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16 December 2023

How to transfer AOL Emails to Yahoo

The email landscape is ever-evolving, and for many of us, that means saying goodbye to familiar shores. If you're an AOL veteran contemplating a move to Yahoo Mail, questions might be swirling: Can you transfer your AOL emails? How do you navigate the process? Fear not, fellow digital voyager, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to seamlessly migrate your email haven to greener pastures.

Direct Transfer? A Roadblock Ahead

While the idea of a one-click "transfer all" button might be alluring, direct email transfer from AOL to Yahoo is no longer possible. AOL discontinued its email forwarding feature in 2021, leaving users with alternative paths to explore. But fret not! Several options still pave the way for a smooth email migration.

Option 1: The POP3 Port:

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) acts as a bridge between your AOL account and Yahoo Mail. Here's how it works:

  1. Configure POP3 in AOL: Log in to your AOL account and navigate to settings. Enable POP3 access and ensure the correct settings are in place.
  2. Add AOL to Yahoo: Open your Yahoo Mail and head to settings. Click "Accounts" and select "Add an account." Choose "POP3" and enter your AOL email address and POP3 settings.
  3. Let the emails flow: Yahoo will now "fetch" your AOL emails, bringing them into your inbox. However, remember, POP3 only imports new emails, not existing ones.

Option 2: Third-Party Tools:

For a more comprehensive migration, consider third-party software like Gmailify or Mailbird. These tools can transfer your entire AOL account, including folders, archived messages, and contacts, to Email transfer to yahoo email


  • Complete transfer: No need to worry about leaving emails behind.
  • Automated process: Sit back and let the software handle the heavy lifting.
  • Folder organization: Maintain your existing email structure in Yahoo.


  • Cost involved: Some software requires a paid subscription.
  • Technical setup: Depending on the tool, some configuration might be needed.

Option 3: Manual Migration:

For the tech-savvy or sentimental souls, manual migration offers a sense of control. Simply forward individual emails or entire folders from your AOL account to your Yahoo inbox.


  • Free and straightforward: No additional tools or costs involved.
  • Selective transfer: Choose specific emails or folders to migrate.


  • Time-consuming: Transferring a large volume of emails can be tedious.
  • Incomplete transfer: Might miss archived messages or emails in specific folders.

Charting Your Course: Choosing the Right Path

The best option for you depends on your needs and preferences. Consider these factors:

  • Volume of emails: Do you have years of archived messages or just a handful?
  • Technical comfort level: Are you comfortable with software setup or prefer a manual approach?
  • Priority of email history: Do you need to transfer all your emails or just a select few?

Bon Voyage: Setting Sail to Smoother Seas

Remember, migrating emails can feel like navigating uncharted waters. But with the right tools, knowledge, and a bit of patience, you'll be enjoying the familiar shores of Yahoo Mail in no time. So, raise the anchor, choose your path, and embark on your digital voyage with confidence!

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