How to update or Change the EFTPS Password in Quickbooks?

How to update or Change the EFTPS Password in Quickbooks?

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is one of the many services that is offered by the U.S department of treasury. This is amongst the free services offered and can be used by the IRS for employer tax payments. This service is locked with a password and when you Change EFTPS Password in Quickbooks, there is a certain procedure to follow.

There is a 4-digit pin as well as a password that’s provided during the enrolling time. And these things are important because you will have to use them during the time of e-payment of 941/944 and 940 tax forms. It provides ease and convenience as well as flexibility to the taxpayers.

Parameters to remember while Changing EFTPS Password in your QB?

It was done back in October 2019, that IRS’s requirement for ETPS password has become effective. This is the requirement:

  • The password that you create or we can say the internet password of EFTPS has an expiry of 13-months. That’s the policy of this password. You will have to change it every 13 months; within the time.
  • The password should be between 12-30 characters which has been increased from the 8-12 limit that was set earlier.
  • When the password gets older, you will get the pop-up to update it every time you try logging in.

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Solution: How to Change your EFTPS Password in Quickbooks?

Knowing how critical and important your EFTPS password in Quickbooks is; you can change it whenever you want. And it can be done by a few simple steps. 


  • Navigate to “Employees” and then click on “Payroll Center.”
  • After this, you will have to click on the “Pay Liabilities” tab and then “Pay Taxes & Other Liabilities” section. 
  • Then you need to select your federal tax and click on “View/ Pay.”
  • Next, you will have to click “E-payment” after that “e-pay.”
  • After this, you will have to clear the “Remember My Information for next time” checkbox.
  • Then you need to punch your 4-digit PIN and then the new “EFTPS password.”
  • After that you will have to punch the missing info and then click on “Submit.”

How do I modify my QuickBooks Desktop EFTPS password?

You may quickly change the EFTPS Internet password if you use QuickBooks Desktop and E-pay.
Prior to making the electronic payment, make sure to make this adjustment.
The following is a discussion of the EFTPS password change process:

  • Select "Payroll Center" from the menu.
  • After that, select "Pay Liabilities" from the menu.
  • The "Pay Taxes and Other Liabilities" field is located here.
    You must select "Federal Liability" to "Electronic Pay" from this point on.
  • Select "View or Pay" from the menu.
  • Ensure that the "Electronic Payment" checkbox is already selected.
  • Click "Electronic Pay" at this point.
  • If the option to "Remember My Information for Next Time" has a checkbox next to it, you must uncheck it. 
  • Select the "PIN" field after that. You may now add the new 4-digit PIN here.
  • After that, choose "EFTPS Password."
  • Make sure you fill out the forms if any information appears to be missing.
  • Once finished, click "Submit."

In QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop E-pay, the EFTPS Internet Password can be modified in this manner. It should be noted that you must provide a 4-digit PIN in addition to your EFTPS password and click the Remember My Information for Next Time box the next time you conduct an electronic payment. 


You will have to re-enter the EFTPS internet password as well as the 4-digit PIN whenever you will have to make the e-payment. After this step, you will have to click on “Remember my information for next time.” If you want to change EFTPS Password in QB then you can do it with the above steps. But in case it doesn’t work, we suggest that you consult an expert. Someone who can figure out the cause of the declination and the reason you are unable to get the password changed.

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