Key Gaming Trends Online

Key Gaming Trends Online
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12 October 2022

An ever-present in the modern world, technology impacts the way we live now. With new advances made regularly, there is nowhere this is clearer than in our entertainment.

One of the first places that we see technological trends being tested is online gaming. In the quest for the best gaming experience, well known gaming operators are investing in the latest technology.

Once gaming was seen as quite niche, it was the preserve of PC or console owners. Now, people can play games from their smartphone, so many more people are playing.

An industry that is expected to be worth over 265 billion dollars by 2025 has the power to change things. That is why it is fast-moving and ever evolving.

The latest developments in technology give us a firm indicator of future trends in the gaming industry. So, what is hot right now, and what should we expect over the coming years?

The Growth of Cloud Gaming

Now, most people purchase a game and wait for it to download. Gone are the days when you had to visit a store to buy a new title, although it still happens.

In theory, the ease of being able to view titles and download from wherever you are sounds wonderful. However, it is not always that simple, particularly for some console games.

  1. It can take hours to download

  2. Your hardware may not be up to par

  3. You may not have enough memory, as some games require a lot

That’s why cloud gaming has become so attractive, actually up 447% in the past five years! What this actually means is that you stream the game, just like you do movies and TV shows.

It eliminates the need for players to invest in hardware, as they play on a platform. There are no downloads, so you can play straight away.

People don’t mind paying for the convenience, so this has led to new revenue streams for developers. Everybody wins!

Online Casinos More Popular Than Ever

Once upon a time, playing casino games was confined to bricks and mortar establishments. For some, it may have been just a sole video poker machine in their local drinking den.

Many would never have seen a live roulette table and played poker games at friend’s houses. When the internet came along, that quickly changed things. Now, players can access a wide range of live casino games at majority of online providers.

At their root, popular casino games rely on calculations and chance, therefore they work well on computers. It is easy to transform these games into online activities.

The first casino sites were launched in the late 1990s, when the internet was just becoming accessible for personal use. Now, people can access casino sites from their mobile phones.

This convenience has led to more people playing online casino games on the go. The most popular are:

  • Slots

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • Poker

The launch of online casinos was subject to strict regulation. Although sometimes scam sites can get through, it is unusual.

Knowing their money is secure, people are more likely to play. This is undoubtedly a bonus for many, and a big draw to online casino.

With new games being launched every day, there is simply endless choice for people to play. That attracts new players every day too, with more than 40% of the globe having a go!

Key Gaming Trends Online

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented (AR)

The huge potential of both VR and AR is yet to be fully realised, but it’s certainly exciting gamers. The best-known example of augmented reality so far, Pokémon Go, took the world by storm on its release in 2016.

For those unaware of how it works, augmented reality enhances the real world with computer-generated imagery. It sounds like something from a 1980s movie, but this technology is progressing fast.

Game developers are already pumping investment into this, and it’s expected we’ll see more games using AR by 2025.

Virtual Reality is not the real world, but a simulated one. For VR games, a special headset is required.

In a simulated world, what you see and hear is altered by the headset, making it totally immersive. Alternate realities are created, and this is thrilling for those who like science fiction.

Regardless of what genre you prefer:

  • Historic

  • Futuristic

  • Horror

  • Fantasy

  • Anime

VR can cater for it.

The main challenge at the moment for virtual reality is the entry cost for players. This excludes many of the target audience.

However, the technology is developing fast, and the time will come that VR headsets will be lighter and cheaper. When this happens, virtual reality gaming will explode in popularity.

The Metaverse, invented by social media behemoth, Facebook, is a place we will all likely experience in future. It’s still around a decade away, but people will connect to each other through virtual worlds.

It brings many possibilities for multiplayer gaming, and it’s even suggested some of us might work there!

Mobile Gaming

One of the most noticeable technological developments of the past 20 years is many people playing games on their phone. What’s more is that the graphics and functions are superb.

Once, gameplay on mobiles was restricted to basic games like snake, or even Tetris. They were useful to pass the time, but not complicated.

It’s incredible that phones are being used for more than their primary use for so many things. However, chief among these is playing exciting games.

Game developers have seen the potential for mobile gaming and are focused on finessing the experience. Now we see many new releases that demonstrate what’s capable with touch screen technology.

Popular games once meant for PC or console are now available on mobile. These include:

  • PUBG

  • Fortnite

  • League of Legends

Key Gaming Trends Online

The Future?

Gaming is a highly competitive industry and there is no shortage of revenue. This means that developers can invest in research and bring new technology to fruition very quickly.

With over 2.5 billion people active in the global gaming market, this number could double over the next decade.

Technology is the key to upcoming trends in the industry, so eagle-eyed gamers should look out. The future looks bright!

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    Thank you for the sharing Admin! The evolution of gaming trends online has truly been remarkable. From the rise of battle royale games that transformed multiplayer experiences, to the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality gaming, the industry is constantly pushing boundaries. It's fascinating how these trends not only enhance gameplay but also reshape how we connect and interact with fellow gamers worldwide.

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