Long-Delayed Minecraft Amiibo will Arrive In September - IGN

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22 September 2022

Nearly two years after Minecraft's Steve joined the DLC roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate His (and Alex's) amiibo will be available for purchase on September 9.

Twitter was the place where Nintendo announced the date for the release of Minecraft's amiibo. The announcement was accompanied by a short video which gave fans a peek at the final designs of the Steve and Alex amiibo. The designs are faithful to the original blocky designs.

Though originally scheduled for a release in spring 2022 of the amiibos Alex Steve and Steve were delayed until 2022 because of delays in logistics and production.

Now that Minecraft's amiibo collection finally has an official release date, Nintendo is also nearing the conclusion of its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo line. Steve has been gone. The only characters the company could transform into an amiibo are Sephiroth and Pyra and Mythra. Kazuya and Sora. It isn't certain if Sora will be given an Amiibo.

Steve's appearance as an DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gave his gameplay 7 out of 10 and called his faithful representation of Steve "impressive", but he also pointed out that certain mechanics can lead to frustration.

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