Make Your ABM Account Maps Effective and Actionable

Make Your ABM Account Maps Effective and Actionable

Account-based marketing navigates across the organization that you are targeting with regard to the most relevant cluster of decision-makers and stakeholders. It’s one of the most effective driving forces to track individuals involved in the decision-making process of your prospect organization. Account map is that key piece in any ABM puzzle that makes you more relatable to your prospect with a deeper insight into your target’s challenges and competitive landscape. So, what should be the strategic plan in making your account maps effective and actionable?

Understand Your Target’s Business Overview

You need to have a clear overview of your target account, its business solutions and hence develop a value-based action plan. This would give you opportunities to enhance your relationship with the respective customer and boost the conversion rate. Things that you should consider at this juncture - your target’s vision, industry, solutions, key employees and their roles, challenges, short/long term priorities, and their products, services and projects.

Get the Correct Organization Chart of Your Prospect

Having a clear view of your target’s organizational hierarchy would always make your account maps more effective. So, plotting before mapping should be the way. You might be of the view that org charts are a tedious task where data inputs need to be manually conducted from the CRM. Thankfully, there are intelligent tools which can help you with most operative and diagrammatic org charts, ensuring you the right relationship mapping while covering all the tricky researches required.

Strategize the Right Sales Path & Mark Key Contacts

After having the hierarchy presentation of your prospect company, you’ll have to determine the right sales and decision making path. The focus would always be to hit the right stakeholder and create a consensus so that you can smoothly erase your deterrent factors. Eventually, the path would take you through the most relevant contact who might be playing a crucial role in concluding the deal for you.

Plan With Alternate Sales Paths

Many a times you might get stuck following a particular sales path. Your connection might have left or the decision making person is not responding via one path. You don’t want to let go of the opportunity. You should try alternate sales paths to reach the decision maker. This is where the mapping of an account, with alternate sales paths, makes it more effective and actionable.

As your targeted company will keep evolving so should your account maps. How BizKonnect can help you? CLICK know.

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