Mastercard Crypto + Solana & Shiba Inu News | Crypto News Today

Mastercard Crypto + Solana & Shiba Inu News | Crypto News Today
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27 October 2021

Last week we had the Bitcoin  ETF, and this week we’ve got   more news that’s almost as bullish. 

First off, a big congratulation to all  Solana and Shiba Inu hodlers out there,   as the SOL and SHIB tokens are making new  all time highs. With Bitcoin hitting $67k   last week and Ethereum knocking up  against its previous all time high,   this October is proving to be a  great time for crypto investors. As bullish as this price action has been,   this next story could be bullish enough to  take us even further up the price charts… Mastercard Drops a Bombshell According to a press release  posted on their website,   MasterCard is partnering with the crypto  firm Bakkt to release an exciting new   institutional product. Here’s how  Mastercard describes the service. “Through the power of the Mastercard network and  Bakkt’s trusted digital asset platform, Mastercard   partners will be able to offer cryptocurrency  solutions.

These include the ability for consumers   to buy, sell and hold digital assets through  custodial wallets powered by the Bakkt platform.” To summarize: Mastercard is going to offer  plug-and-play crypto solutions to all of   their financial partners. For example, say you’re  a large merchant who uses the Mastercard network,   You’ll now be able to accept crypto payments and   offer Bitcoin-rewards credit  cards to your customers. Banks will also be able to offer crypto purchases  and sales via the integration with Bakkt. Crypto   debit cards are also on the table, if large  institutions want to start offering that service.  

Ultimately, by making it easy for banks and  merchants to roll out crypto services, this   new Mastercard-Bakkt deal could introduce tens of  millions of people to crypto for the first time. This partnership is a huge step toward mass  adoption, and the long term implications   could be profound. At least, that’s  what the market is telling us. BAKKT,   which just went public via a  SPAC, is up 233% in three days. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and  we’re happy that one of the world’s   largest financial services companies  is jumping on the crypto bandwagon. 

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