Microsoft Teams Calls will soon include end-to-end encryption

Microsoft Teams Calls will soon include end-to-end encryption
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Microsoft promised in March that End to End Encryption would be available in Microsoft Teams soon, and today the company has finally provided an update on the feature's debut.

End-to-end encryption encrypts data at its source and decrypts it at its intended destination without the need for intermediate nodes to decrypt it. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) will be supported for ad hoc 1:1 Teams VoIP calls in Microsoft Teams, allowing users to communicate sensitive information like passwords more securely.

Microsoft plans to start rolling out this feature in early July and finish by the middle of the month.


IT will have complete control over who can utilise E2EE in the enterprise to meet customer security and compliance requirements. A new policy with a parameter to enable E2EE for 1-1 calls will be added. It is disabled by default, giving administrators complete control over the implementation of this functionality in their organisation. E2EE can be turned on for the entire company or just a subset of users.

If enabled, the end-user will notice an E2EE option in their preferences, which will be turned off by default until the user switches it on. Basic calling functions such as audio, video, screen sharing, and chat will be available for E2EE calls, but advanced functionality such as call escalation, transfer, record, and merge will be unavailable.

Only when both the caller and the call receiver have enabled E2EE will it work. The function will only work on desktop and mobile clients, not the web.

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