Orbi Pink Light Meaning | What Are The Steps To Fix This Issue

Orbi Pink Light Meaning | What Are The Steps To Fix This Issue
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The Internet is one the most important parts of our daily life. To use untriped Internet services you need the best WiFi router. This is because they distribute WiFi signals around the home.

Orbi is one of the top rated WiFi devices in the market, but while using Orbi you face some common errors like Orbi 404, certificate error, etc..  Orbi routers also use mesh WiFi technology to display different-different colours that will help users to identify the error.

Orbi Pink Light is one of the most common issues faced by the orbi users. It displays on the top of the orbi device. If you are dealing with the pink light issue then check out this guide to fix the issue and make your orbi work again.

Before fixing the Orbi Pink Light issue, let’s see what it means?

Let’s start…

What is Meaning of Orbi Pink Light?

Orbi Pink light indicates the Orbi satellite sync failed issue. If Wireless network cables are in poor condition or the RJ45 ethernet cable is nor tightly connected to WLAN port then this ring colour displays on the Orbi device.

Let’s check out how you can fix this Pink Light issue on orbi devices.

Steps to fix Orbi Pink Light issue

1. Weak Network Connection

First of all check the network connection speed, the main reason behind this pink light is the weak network connection. Ensure that the network speed is fast enough, to check this connect your laptop with a router with a LAN wire. 

Now check the speed of the network, you can open a speed test website and check the speed of the Internet. You can also do a quick reboot, because sometimes routers make a network conjunction and slow down the speed. A quick reboot will fix this issue and Pink light on Orbi will go away.

If quick reboot won’t work then check all the wires of the router or call the Internet services provider to fix the slow speed issue.

2. Connectivity To Satellite

Next solution to fix the Orbi Pink Light issue is to check the connectivity status of the Orbi satellite. Most of the time the base station won't connect or have some issue connecting with the satellite.

To fix this issue ensure that the satellite is placed within the range of Orbi base station and it is perfectly sync with the base station.

3. Loose Cables

Another reason behind Orbi Pink Light is the loose or damaged cables. The LAN cable is connected to the Orbi base station and the WLAN port, ensuring that both ends are properly connected. 

When this cable is loose or damaged, you should change it to fix the Pink light issue on your orbi device.

4. Update Firmware

One of the most common reasons behind the Orbi Pink Light on the router is the outdated firmware. A firmware is a bridge between your router and the orbi device, so to work both devices perfectly, you should update firmware time-to-time.

Follow the below steps to update firmware:

  • Visit Orbi Official website.
  • Go to the Manual option. Select firmware. It will automatically start the update.
  • If you didn’t find the update on the website then check other sources.
  • Download the correct firmware update and install it.

5. Factory Reset

If nothing works to fix the Orbi pink light issue then you need to reset the Orbi device to its factory settings. To reset orbi follow the below steps:

  • Restore the default setting manually, you can use the reset button.
  • Pick any pin or sim ejector tool.
  • Now press and hold the reset button for 20-30 seconds.
  • Your device is reseted to factory settings.

Now you need to reconfigure your orbi device, after Setup your device will work perfectly and the pink light will go away.


Hope, this guide on how to fix the Orbi Pink light issue will solve your error and you can use your device without any issue. If you still have this issue, then you need help for the experts.


Just get in touch with our experts and our experts will fix the issue.

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