Should Your Business Accept Crypto Payments?

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22 September

Cryptocurrencies were introduced in 2009, with the flagship Bitcoin launch. Shortly after, cryptos conquered the global market, establishing a brand-new financial industry. They offer numerous advantages over traditional payment methods. 

Cryptos are digital or virtual tokens utilising cryptography to offer impenetrable security and anonymity for respective users. With the decentralised nature of blockchain, cryptos are not controlled or monitored by any sovereign entity or financial institution, which is the main point of attraction for millions of users worldwide. 

Why Cryptos Became a Global Sensation

As outlined above, cryptos are an entirely new breed of currency, offering numerous improvements over conventional fiat money. Cryptos provide swift, efficient and immutable transactions, lower transaction fees and cross-border transfers without limitations. However, certain risks are associated with adopting cryptos as payment solutions for a business. First of all, business owners must consider the volatility of the crypto market, as it is still a relatively new industry. Price variation is expected in this market, which puts the crypto owners at a risk of loss. 

How to Accept Cryptos As a Payment Option 

The process is quite simple and seamless for businesses considering adopting crypto payment solutions. Firstly, you must set up a business wallet to store and operate crypto funds. Secondly, companies must acquire a crypto gateway, allowing their IT infrastructure to implement a crypto payment option

After that, your store will feature a new purchase option readily available for online customers. Finally, you will require a crypto processing unit to transfer stored funds into the business wallet and help you seamlessly convert crypto into fiat. Popular methods include using a crypto payment platform like B2BinPay, a digital wallet like Coinbase, or a traditional crypto payment processing service like PayPal.

How to Find an Optimal Crypto Solution For Your Business

While the setup process is trivial, finding the optimal payment solution might prove challenging. Business owners must evaluate different options on the market and assess their features carefully. The essential factors to consider are simplicity, accessibility, security, customer assistance, pricing plans and scalability. 

The accessibility benefit is crucial in this case, as it ensures businesses will have no trouble operating the crypto payment system. Security is another essential metric, as digital payments must be safe from cyber threats and data disasters. 

Customer support is the key factor in solving customer problems swiftly and efficiently. Pricing plans must be assessed in detail, as numerous hidden fees could accumulate the overall cost. The extent of features and tools must also be considered, as different businesses require specific payment setups to operate successfully. 

Finally, thriving businesses require solutions that accommodate a growing operational scope. Thus, the payment solution must have great scaling features to grow alongside the company. 

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