TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020

TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020
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27 February 2020

Are you looking for the best gaming mouse? In this article, we will top gaming mice on the market.

1. BenQ Zowie EC1

TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020The dimensions of the EC1 are 5.03x2.5x1.6 inches (4.06 cm) and 10.1 ounces (286 g) in weight. With a standard cable length of 2 meters. When you first take a look at the EC1, you’ll probably see nothing too appealing, but the outer design is not what makes this mouse amazing. This mouse is used by many of the e-sports pros today, in games like Counter Strike and Dota. And the reasoning? The internals. The 3360 optical gaming sensor with various DPI settings ranging from 400 up to 3200 gives this mouse supreme accuracy and helps you get an edge over your enemies.

The adjustable report rate which can range from 125 to 1000Hz gives you different levels of responsiveness and allows you to customize how you play. Do you hate downloading annoying software every time you want to use the mouse? Well, the EC1 requires no drivers and no software. Simply plug this mouse in and you’re good to go.

When it comes to the design, which let’s be honest, it is nothing special and doesn’t have crazy RGB lighting or some cool looking gimmicks, but the mouse does have an ergonomic design that will fit perfectly into your hand. You can choose between a medium-sized mouse or a large one. All the buttons and key presses on this mouse provide tactile feedback, this ensures you won’t be double-clicking any buttons or question whether you did press to fire your gun or not.

Again, if you put this mouse up next to something like a Razer Viper, your first instincts would be to pick the cool looking Razer mouse, but just remember this mouse is used by nearly every esports pro for a reason.

The pricing point is average relative to other mice and sometimes you can find it at a discount. Overall, we’d have to say this mouse is 5 stars out of 5. It’s faultless and provides everything that a professional gamer would want.

2. Logitech G Pro HERO

TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020The dimensions of the G Pro Hero are 81.6g of weight and 11.6 x 6.2 x 3.8 cm. Similar to the Zowie EC1, the G Pro Hero doesn’t have the most amazing design, but it makes up for its simplicity with great features built into the mouse. The Hero comes with a 16K sensor giving the mouse the best speed and accuracy you can ask for if you want to nail those hard shots or have pinpoint precision, then this mouse will give you that. It’s built for pro gamers and you can get either the wired or wireless version. We think any pro should be using a wired mouse, but for those that enjoy the freedom, you can go with the wireless version too.

The Hero gaming sensor features next-gen precision and architecture. You also get the fastest frame rate processing yet, which is up to 400+ IPS with zero smoothing or filtering across the entire DPI range. The mechanical switches are great on this mouse giving you reliable feedback on key presses and these switches are built to last up to 50 million clicks. That’s enough clicks to last you for 10 years as a professional gamer. Although the design is simple on the outside, you do get customizable RGB lighting, of which you can pick from 16.8 million colors to light up your mouse.

This lighting will light the thin lighting strip in the middle of the mouse as well as the Logitech logo on the back. The mouse also features 6 programmable buttons, you can then bind these keys with the use of the Logitech Gaming Software. This allows you extra easy to access key binds for switching weapons or using abilities in other games. Overall this mouse is built with performance in mind and only that. It’s made to be simple and give you all the features you’d want to get an edge over the enemies in your games. We’d give this mouse 4.5 stars just behind the EC1 and think it’s the second-best gaming mouse overall.

3. Steelseries Rival 600

TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020The dimensions of this mouse are 2.7x5.16x1.73 inches (4.39 cm) and it weighs around 5 ounces (189 g). Being a wired mouse, the Rival 600 does require 2 AA batteries which can, of course, be charged. This mouse is much more mainstream-friendly and has a much cooler looking design than our other two picks. You might see some esports pros using it, but it’s targeted more towards casual gamers than the EC1 or G Pro.

The good thing about the Rival 600 is that it has some cool features such as weight tuning. You can adjust the weighs on either side of the mouse to get the perfect center of gravity that suits you. You get eight 4 gram weights that can be placed on either side of the mouse. This is a great feature for those that want a specific weight distribution and it’s very easy to adjust. Ever get annoying jolty movements when you lift your mouse and place it back down? The Rival 600 stops this with its true depth perception. It’ll make sure that if you needed to readjust the mouse back from the edge of your mousepad to the center again, that you won’t experience any jolty or weird looking movements. Tracking wise the mouse features true 1 to 1 tracking, which ranges from 100 CPI up to 12000. You won’t get any stability issues or response time delays from this and SteelSeries have done great a job making sure you won’t run into any errors from adjusting the CPI as you may have with other mice.

The design is ergonomic and feels nice in a medium-sized hand. The side buttons are easy to reach whilst being easy to avoid for those people that misclick all the time. Alongside the mouse you get the SteelSeries Rev Up engine, this allows you to customize the lighting options as well as attach various keybinds to the other mechanical buttons on the mouse. Durability in mind the mouse is built to last for 60 million clicks, which is more than the Logitech G Pro Hero that we spoke about previously. Overall the Rival 600 is a great mainstream mouse, it’s probably not the best for esports pros or those of you that are serious FPS gamers, but it does the job and has everything a gamer would want. We’d give this mouse a 4-star rating and put it 3rd in our video.

4. HyperX Pulsefire Surge

TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020With dimensions of 11.9x6.4 4.1 cm and weighing in at 132g, the Pulsefire Surge makes it to 4th in our video. The mouse with its cool looking RGB design packs a lot more than just good exterior visuals. The Surge has omron switches which are rated for 50 million clicks, these durable switches will last you forever and although they’re rated for 50 million, they’ll probably last you a lot longer than that. With the NGenuity software from HyperX, you’ll easily be able to customize the mouse, including changing the colors or adding custom keybinds and or macros to the various programmable buttons on the side of the mouse. The mouse glides fairly easily and is a good all-around mouse. We wouldn’t recommend this mouse to the esports pros out there and would say that this mouse is intended more for the general population or casual gaming market. With onboard memory inside the mouse you can store customizations that you make, so wherever you take the mouse, it’ll remember. Boasting a Pixart 3389 sensor this mouse has native DPI settings up to 16000 DPI which is similar to a lot of the other mice in our video. This provides improved accuracy and responsive tracking.

Finally, the braided cable is another nice touch, gone are the days of your cables getting caught and curling up, this mouse has a braided cable that allows for easy movement and protects the inner wiring. Overall the Pulsefire Surge by HyperX is a great mouse, and we recommend it for casual gamers. We give the mouse 3.5 stars and place it 4th in our video.

5. Razer Viper

TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020

Looking first at the product dimensions this mouse weighs just 69g and has dimensions of 15x10x1 cm. The Viper series of mice are intended for the esports crowd, however the reason this mouse doesn’t rank higher in our video is that Razer tends to overprice their products, and we think that the Zowie and G Pro are much better options. Being the lightest gaming mouse in esports is one plus for this mouse though, although some will hate it and some will love it. When we tried it, I have to say that although the mouse is lightweight it doesn’t feel plasticky or flimsy at all.

Often with very lightweight mice you might confuse the lower weight for a lower quality build, but we don’t get that with the Viper at all. The mechanical switches used in the mouse are the new Razer optical mouse switches, which use light beam based actuation, this gives you one of the fastest response times in gaming and helps you beat some others to the punch. A great thing about this mouse is the ambidextrous design, most mice nowadays are designed solely for the right-handed user, however the Viper can be used by both left and right-handed gamers. As with nearly all Razer products nowadays you get a customizable RGB chroma lighting system, which allows you to change the color of the mouse between 16.8 million colors.

You also get some preset options for cool looking lighting sequences which is a nice touch. The Speedflex cable is great as it reduces drag and weight and therefore removes the requirement of a bungee, saving you some money. On the side of the mouse you’ll find various programmable buttons, totaling 8. These buttons can be programmed from the Razer Sysnapse 3 software and allow for macro functions. Overall we have to say that we like the mouse, however with it being new we aren’t sure how long the mouse will last over time. Sometimes Razer products break fairly soon after buying and sometimes they last for a while, so it’s going to be down to luck for most. We give this mouse a 3.5 stars and if it was cheaper we would probably rate it higher in our video.

So that sums up the top gaming mice. 

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