What Is The Lifespan Of A Google Pixel?

What Is The Lifespan Of A Google Pixel?
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12 December 2022

Except for Huawei's new phones, everyone else in the market prefers to use Google's Android operating system, and hardware manufacturers create phones according to Microsoft's Windows model. Hardware manufacturers, like Samsung, OnePlus, and OPPO, incorporate Android into their products, skin it, and afterwards distribute the phones to customers. Since day one, Android phones have operated in this manner. Additionally, it explains why Android phones often have radically diverse UX designs even though they all essentially run the same software. For many people, it's one of Android's appeals, but it has been one of its largest drawbacks. If your Pixel suffered damage, then it would be advisable to repair your Pixel, and you can do it by browsing google pixel repair UK.

Only a very small number of smartphones ever receive the most recent Android build. These days, Samsung is very nice, providing three years' worth of Android updates that correspond to Google's support for its Pixel phones. However, 99.9% of Android phones hardly ever receive several updates. No more than two. And this isn't ideal, especially when within weeks of starting the build being release, more than 80% of Apple's iPhone customers are using the most recent version of iOS. Google Pixel phones are an effort to "deal" with this problem by building its Android device that uses its operating system. Additionally, the initiative has generally been successful.

How Durable Are Google Phones?

The duration of a Pixel phone is a difficult issue to answer because it includes both hardware dependability and software maintenance, which now contains 3 years' worth of upgrades. Although Google's software upgrades are excellent and consistently released, its hardware dependability is still not at the necessary level. 

Do you notice a pattern in this? It lacks coherence. Almost all of the Pixel phones we've owned have experienced issues. And the issues range from the buttons simply giving up and ceasing to function to the USB connector ceasing to function and the screen turning completely dark. These are all essentially hardware flaws. One is okay, but multiple? None at all. So, to clarify, a Pixel phone would theoretically continue to work properly for 3 years. You have assured 3 key Android updates after your first three years of ownership, and it is about as good as it's going in the Android market unless you choose Samsung.

But from the standpoint of dependability, it's quite a different situation. Only a few of the Pixel phones we've owned have remained functional and undamaged to this day. For instance, the Pixel 5 was a fantastic phone until the OLED display abruptly stopped functioning. We lost the charging port for my Pixel 2 XL. Additionally, my original Pixel simply doesn't like to be turned on; after 6 months, it entered a coma. Many others have issues with the dependability of Google Pixel phones, so it isn't just me.

With the Pixel 6a, Google Remains a Master of Tenacity

The days of specialist tough phones are largely behind, while there are still a few devices in circulation. Since Samsung stopped producing Active mobile software versions of its smartphones, it has been up to case manufacturers to come up with strategies for safeguarding your pricey glass-and-metal sandwich of a device. Because of this, durability testing is crucial, and the Google Pixel 6a is the target of today's test. This durability test proceeds as anticipated for the bulk of its run. Since the screen isn't sapphire, the Gorilla Glass 3 covering it gets scratch as usual, yet the fingerprint sensor keeps functioning normally.

The device's frame, which is verified to be made of metal, is currently being scraped and scratched by Zack's razor. Despite how nice it feels in hand, the back is plastic, and that substance decision results from one of the best "Art Class with Jerry" portions we've recently seen. It's worth watching on its own, so I didn't hesitate to give anything away. The test method is the section of the video that should alarm the majority of us. No matter how much pressure was applied, the Google Pixel 6 Pro from last year hardly flexed. The price of the Pixel 6a may have been dropped in half, but the recognisable form is still in good shape. The phone can withstand fracturing in half, notwithstanding some slight display bending.

These days, you can't say that about every midrange device, so it's wonderful to see Google maintaining its pattern of robust, usable designs in the wake of some less-than-successful releases. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are expect to hit shop shelves in just a few months, which will likely spur more testing. However, it appears as though Google's stellar track record would remain for another year, given the recycled build it depends on this year. Google's portfolio sounds like an excellent option if you're concerned about your phone getting damaged - no pun intended.

Final Words:

The phone can resist fracturing in half despite some slight display distortion.

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