Why Should Startups Choose Swift for iOS App Development?

Why Should Startups Choose Swift for iOS App Development?
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Let's admit that the advent of Swift language has significantly changed the face of iOS app development. Being an extremely natural programming language for iOS development, Swift has helped many entrepreneurs so far to reach heights. 

Swift is one of the top-rated programming languages in August 2021. Swift is quite popular amongst the programmers out there; it is fourth when it comes to popularity. Also, PYPL and TIOBE index confirms the fact that there is an increase in the use of the Swift language every year.

For quite a long time, Objective-C was the main language used for iOS app development. However, Swift is now slowly taking over a huge chunk of the iOS app development market share.

Having said that, seeing the ever-growing demand for Swift language, entrepreneurs seek iOS app development services to thrive in today's competitive world.

But what’s so special about the Swift language? Why do many startup owners pick this language? Let’s get to know. Without any further ado, let’s find out why startups must choose Swift for iOS app development to succeed. But before that, let’s talk about the basics of the Swift programming language.

Swift Programming Language: The Introduction

Introduced in WWDC 2014 by Apple, Swift is the most common programming language used for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, Linux, and tvOS. This robust programming language is built with the open-source LLVM compiler framework. Using the runtime library of Objective-C, allowing C, LLVM compiler framework allows Swift code to run within one program smoothly. 

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, and compiled language. Its code is fun and interactive as the syntax is brief yet powerful. The best thing is Swift is written keeping safety and speed in mind. Several giants, including LinkedIn, IBM, Facebook, Mozilla, and Uber use Swift.

9 Reasons Why Startups Should Choose Swift for iOS App Development


Apple declared Swift to be open-source in 2015. Now Apple can use Swift for different purposes. Open-source makes Swift track bugs, upgradation, and many other things simpler. Apple makes changes accordingly after receiving feedback from the community. Plus, Linux-based platforms also support Swift currently. So indeed, if you're a startup choosing Swift for your iOS development, it's a great move.

Simple to Code

Today's apps require complicated command lines for better development. With that said, Swift is concise, and that's how it makes the process of programming more effective and faster than ever. With Swift, you will not require many lines of codes or so. This way, you can save plenty of time while getting your app developed for startup businesses. Also, developers can easily know which part of the code requires modification in the project.

Quite Interactive

The best thing about Swift is that it provides a mobility service provider is the fact that it can function within an interactive environment where you can actually see the output. With that said, you might see errors in the codes, but that can easily be fixed without any hassle. Swift lets you visualize in real-time if your code is errored or so.

Faster Speed

Backed with faster algorithm calculation metrics, Swift's operations language is faster than you can ever expect. That's the topmost reason why startups choose Swift for iOS app development. That said, Swift is 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python 2.7. So Swift has indeed become the fastest programming language for iOS app development. Fast development reduces time and cost.

Dynamic Library

Swift is light mainly because of the dynamic library support. Dynamic libraries are dynamic scripts that allow one version of Swift software to interact with other versions of the app. This feature allows apps currently built on a specific version to be updated seamlessly to the future release of Swift. How? These libraries are directly uploaded to memory, cutting down the initial app size and increasing the app's performance.

Shorter Market Time

Every startup owner wants to launch his/her app as fast as they can to not get left behind in the competition. With that being said, Swift has package managers that allow the developers to focus on the logic, push their packages for collaboration with others, and use different packages for quickly assembling the apps while reducing the time-to-market. That's the reason entrepreneurs prefer Swift over any other programming language.

Easy Maintenance

Swift for iOS app development is preferred by start-ups for one more significant reason. And that's it requires less maintenance. With Objective-C, maintaining files was complex and time taking. However, when it comes to choosing Swift, it's always a win-win in terms of maintenance. Swift combines the implementation files and the Objective-C header into one single code file, making the maintenance quite easier.

Higher Security

Every entrepreneur wants their app to be safe and secure. With that said, Swift ensures safe and secure coding. Period. As Swift uses clear and easy-to-understand syntax, it excludes the chances of mistakes that are usually overlooked by Objective-C. Swift has an all-inclusive security framework having several APIs that handle authorization services, certificates, keys, trust policies, and more to keep the apps safe and secure.

Ever-Growing Language

Swift is growing faster than anyone has ever expected. Being a well-designed and well-organized programming language, Swift provides an enhanced development process along with some exciting features. Apple endeavors to make Swift more effective and useful than ever. And that's why the company has been upgrading the Swift version since 2014. So Swift is an ever-evolving programming language, taking your app to a whole new level.

The Bottom Line


That was it. Swift has much more clear syntax, which makes it easy to understand, and also makes it less prone to errors. With that said, you've also seen plenty of reasons why startups should choose Swift for iOS app development. Honestly speaking, Swift has become the premier programming language for creating more accessible, user-friendly, engaging, and intuitive iOS apps for the successful growth of your startup business.


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