10 Best Sources for Crypto News 2023

10 Best Sources for Crypto News 2023
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12 January 2023

CryptoCurrency is a trending topic since last few years. There is hardly a person who can claim that he/she hasn’t heard about cryptocurrency. Crypto is a digital currency that is being purchased and traded to earn profit. With raising global inflation, people are finding more ways to invest and earn to survive this inflation and crypto is one way to do. But the problem is that the crypto ecosystem is full of misinformation and false news.

It is essential to follow sources that share authentic, real and recent news and information about crypto so that you can make an informed decision. The right news can help you become a successful crypto investor. Here is a list of 10 trustworthy sources that can help you with authentic crypto news in 2023.

10 Best Sources for Crypto News 2023

1. Crypto Daily

If you are in search of the most unbiased crypto news then Crypto Daily is the website you are looking for. This site daily shares updates about trending cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. the site also shares a bit of metaverse and NFT news. The best feature of this site is that it has a breaking news section where you can find the most recent and trending news.

2. Uptodate Crypto news

If you need the most latest and recent news then the most reputed site you can follow is uptodate crypto news. As the name suggests, this website shares the most up-to-date news relating to cryptocurrencies. On this site, you can find a market cap tab where you can find the last 24-hour trend, rate, and market cap of all trending cryptocurrencies. This site shares information about several trending crypto but it has dedicated tabs for the most famous currencies including Bitcoin, altcoin, Blockchain, and NFT & DEFI. You can also find exchange crypto rates on this site along with a moving bar at the top of the site that shows the latest rate of several cryptocurrencies. The best feature of uptodatecryptonews.com is that it has a user-friendly interface where you can easily find the information you want without any trouble or delay.

10 Best Sources for Crypto News 2023

3. Daily Coin

Daily Coin publishes crypto news from an international perspective. You can check out global crypto trends on this website. This website publishes content from several writers so you get to know different and elaborative viewpoints about various cryptocurrencies. This site is perfect if you are a beginner as it shares complete guidance on how to start trading in crypto and covers major currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. It also shares global regulations and policies to get you acquainted with global crypto trading policies.

4. The Block

This website deals in crypto breaking news, research reports that share in-depth analysis, and data dashboards where you can find on-chain metrics. This site is informative and covers several niche topics related to cryptos such as crypto gaming, crypto venture capital, and the metaverse. 

5. Forbes

Forbes is not exclusively dedicated to crypto news, rather it has a section that deals with crypto news. But even this one section offers more authentic and deep news regarding crypto as compared to many exclusive websites. The best feature of Forbes is that it shares investing strategies and advice along with the viewpoints of crypto experts.

6. BeinCrypto

This website shares breaking news about cryptocurrencies and their trends. It also shares crypto reviews and technical analyses of various cryptocurrencies to understand the basis of their trend. You can also find a job listing tab on this site whereby you can find vacancies in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. So, if you are seeking a way to deal in cryptocurrency more than a small investor then you can find a suitable job and start your crypto career.

7. Coin Desk

Coin Desk is one such website that is not exclusively dedicated to crypto news but you will still find the crypto element in most of its’ publishes articles. The site covers many topics relating to technology and business. If you are a beginner then do check out the education tab to find extremely helpful information. You can also find expert interviews and opinions there. The great feature of this website is that it also runs a podcast. So if you are a keen listener then do give it a shot to its’ podcast to learn about crypto news and the latest crypto trends.

10 Best Sources for Crypto News 2023

8. NewsBTC

The name might have given you an idea of this website. This site is exclusively dedicated to crypto  news. Though majorly it shares news and trends of Bitcoin which is the most famous cryptocurrency you can find happening, news and trends on other worth-mentioning cryptocurrencies including Altcoin, Ethereum, and others. This website shares numerous articles relating to the speculations and expert opinions about the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The only thing that can be troublesome for a beginner is that the language of these articles is quite professional as they are written keeping professional traders in mind. So, as a beginner, you might need to reread the article or even google some terms. The best feature of this site is that they frequently conduct interviews with crypto experts who share useful tips and predictions that can be quite beneficial for you and are no less than news.

10 Best Sources for Crypto News 2023

9. Coin Market Cap

As the name suggests, this site shares information about crypto market caps, trading volumes, and price charts. You can get information about daily trading trends in addition to historical patterns and trends. This site also shares ICO tracing for trending and newer currencies to give you an idea about worth investing in currencies.

10. Coin Bureau

If you are a beginner who wants to understand crypt currencies inside and out then this website is your lifesaver. The most intriguing feature of this site is that it has a linked podcast and Youtube channel as well where you can find crypto news and educational content. On all the above-mentioned platforms, the site shares cryptocurrency exchange reviews, a breakdown of various cryptocurrencies, and a deep analysis of Federal Reserve policies.


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