A Guide to Industries Revolutionised by Tech in 2023

A Guide to Industries Revolutionised by Tech in 2023
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30 March 2023

The tech market evolves rapidly, offering new ways for companies to operate and new options for users looking for convenience and speed. Tech trends made it possible for almost immediate transactions, online consultations with doctors and self-driving cars to exist, and the list is almost endless. 

However, not all industries were able to reap benefits from tech advancements. While some are still trying to find their place in this challenging market, others have already taken the entire niche, following tech trends and gaining popularity. Let’s explore some of the most revolutionised industries below:

News, Media & Marketing

Media has quickly moved into a new era thanks to technology’s presence and growth. Tech trends have changed the face of the whole news industry, whether it is for reporters or the audience. 

The marketing industry is experiencing huge changes thanks to AI and Metaverse development. AI-powered tools are now a must-have in most marketing strategies as they allow teams to gather insights for data-driven decisions. Marketing in Metaverse will only grow this year and offer many opportunities for brands and consumers worldwide.

Travel and Hospitality

The days when you had to get a key for your room and book a hotel only when arriving at it are gone. Thanks to services like Booking and Airbnb, people can now easily browse and find suitable apartments for them based on many filters. They can also get the key without communicating with anyone and get the entire view of the room before choosing one, thanks to VR.


The automotive industry has seen lots of changes during the last few years. With the world’s need for the most sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, the market is moving to electric vehicles that have gained massive adoption all across the world. 

Although the charging infrastructure is still a big concern for most people, the tech market has already developed electric car charging apps. Such apps allow EV owners to easily and quickly find EV charging points regardless of where they plan to travel.

In addition, security concerns are also growing, so manufacturers use technology to reduce car accident risks. For example, Samsung tackled the issues by adding large TV screens at the back of many 18-wheelers so the driver will see the cars on the road ahead of them in advance before they get past the truck. 


Another industry that has changed thanks to technology is cyber security. It is vital to note that both cybersecurity companies and hackers have started to benefit from tech trends. That is why we see a huge rise in the number of attacks. It is becoming tough for organisations to analyse and improve their security posture since hackers now know new ways to reach sensitive data. Luckily, the situation seems to stabilise, as cybersecurity agencies have already found defensive measures to prevent most new attacks.


Healthcare was transformed by the digital revolution in 2019. But its way of using tech trends has only been stated and believed to bring many benefits for medical staff and patients alike. Healthcare organisations now use chatbots to reduce waiting time and apps where patients can book an appointment within seconds. In addition, some clinics have already added VR and AR technology to practice before surgeries which improves surgery outcomes and helps interns learn through a virtual experience.

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