Create an app like Uber

Create an app like Uber
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18 February 2021

Key Features of a Successful Ridesharing Application

With increasing technology, the application developers are pulling off quite inventive applications to fulfill the needs of the user out there. In a large cosmopolitan city where one has to face heavy traffic, few parking spaces, lack of resources, or refusal to buy own car are highly in favor of a ridesharing application. There is no doubt that these ridesharing applications are reasonable for not only businessmen but for transport companies as well.

The ridesharing app like Uber has gained immense demand and is currently operating in about 84 countries and provides 24 hours per day service to the riders out there. The application has proven to be quite successful and here we will go through some key features of the application that make it pass with flying colors. Just dive in to know those features. 

How does it Work? 

Before we look into the features, be aware of how the service works in case you haven’t experienced a ride.  There are simple 5 steps of how a ridesharing app like Uber works. 

  1. The customer first books or requests a ride instantly or through prior scheduling. The request is received by the drivers that are nearby. 

  2. Upon your request, the driver will either accept or reject the ride. In case of rejection, the request is shifted to another driver.

  3. The customer will have a ride to the desired location with the known estimated time.

  4. After ride completion, the rider has to choose a cashless method of payment that is feasible.

  5. In the end, the rider will rate the ride to enhance service reliability.

Let’s come to the key features of a ridesharing application. 

Routing and Geolocation

Geolocation is the primary feature that create an app like Uber. The application uses GPS technology to detect the rider's location and even the driver’s current location. The ridesharing app no doubt gets you a ride at the tap of a button but behind the scene works the routing engine making it possible for the service to work efficiently. 

The routing and ride-matching mechanism plays a major role to ensure a flawless app service. The app shows you the real-time car movement through Google map. All the routes and directions are directed by Google maps since it is the most easiest and native way.

Notifications and Communications

This is yet another basic feature that makes the ridesharing app a success. Riders and drivers could communicate in-app through call or text. Communication is made easy through push notifications that are present in the application.

Cost Estimation

This is a very productive feature that allows the rider to know the estimated cost of their ride at the time of booking. The feature is built upon an algorithm that estimates the price based upon the rider’s pickup and drop-off locations. Moreover, the cost varies as per the model of the vehicle you choose. Apart from that the cost of a ridesharing app is usually pocket-friendly as compared to that of a regular taxi. 

Live Tracking

The ridesharing app like Uber provides the feature of live tracking, where the rider could track the live route of the ride. Not only this, but the rider could even share the live route with their friends or family members. This ensures a sense of safety to the rider.

Cashless Payment Method

With modern technology, the ridesharing app has now come up with a straightforward and serene method of payments that involves the use of credit or debit cards. The cashless financial transactions have allowed the rider to enjoy the ride without carrying the cash the whole time. The method is beneficial for both the rider and the driver.


The ridesharing application allows the rider to rate their ride with the driver. They could give their feedback as per their experience. This also promotes drivers to give their best service during the ride in order to get the best rating. 

App Design

The overall design of a ridesharing app should be client-oriented. It should be easy to use with a user-friendly interface so that the client may have a great hassle-free experience using the application.

The Final Thought 

These were some of the key features making the ridesharing application the best alternative to have to day-to-day rides to the desired destinations.  With these ridesharing applications, people no longer have to wait in a queue for a bus or a train. Instead, they could just book a ride from the nearest location and reach their destinations on time.

The application has made it easy for people to have safer and convenient rides through the productive features of live tracking, cashless payment methods, ratings, in-app communication, etc. The need and the key features both are equally important to make the ridesharing app a success.

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