Edge on Chromium: Stable Release comes at the beginning of 2020 – in the long term, also for Linux

Alex Alex 08 November 2019
Edge on Chromium: Stable Release comes at the beginning of 2020 – in the long term, also for Linux

Microsoft has Release the stable Version of the new Edge-browser Chromium-based for 15. January 2020 announced. The new Edge will replace the old and should support all platforms, even Linux. A new Logo he has already.

The new Edge is based on Chromium and platform will be global. In addition to Windows and macOS Edge Chromium should also support Linux. The new Browser already has a new Logo, which differentiates it significantly from its predecessor. By Design, it leans significantly to the Firefox Logo. The Beta Version of the new Edge browser is available for Windows and Mac with all the Features already available for Download. The release of the final Version for the 15. January 2020 announced.

Currently, you can test the new Edge in the Beta Version parallel to the old Edge. The Microsoft Edge Beta Version 79 is the final Release Candidate before the stable release. From the final Release it will replace the old Edge. On Windows machines, the installed Version is updated from the date of delivery automatically.

Cross Platform: Edge for Linux, Mac and older Windows operating systems

In may of 2019 had put Microsoft on the Build Conference that the new Edge Browser could also be available for Linux made. At that time, the Test was still in the beginning, there was no Beta Version and the Builds for macOS, as well as the support for older Windows systems did not exist yet. The announcement was regarded as quite uncertain. On the first Preview and the first Beta Version we have already reported earlier.

Logo of the new Edge-browser Chromium-based. Source: Microsoft Windows blog

The new Edge is in all directions open: There will be versions for many platforms – macOS, Linux, and Windows 10, but also specifically for mobile devices (iOS and Android), and for older operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This is remarkable, since the Support for Windows 7 will officially end just prior to the delivery of the new Edge.

The new Browser is said to be particularly on the needs of business customers. Besides the classic Internet search Edge Chromium also provides a intranet search on the internal pages of the company, the authority or Institution. Internals, such as organization charts, office location, or a company Wiki to be the staff more accessible. The new Edge also will support Chrome Extensions.

15. January 2020: Release announcement for Windows and macOS

15. January 2020, Microsoft is aiming for as a Release date for the stable Version for Windows and macOS. The Linux Version will take a little longer: insiders suspect that the Linux Build time, could the same be first made in the Canary and Developer channels available, for the time being only for developers.

The latest Version for each of the platforms is in the Preview channels (Canary, Dev and Beta) available for Download. For more background information, and all the Details are on the Blog of „Microsoft Edge Insider“, as well as in the General Windows blog.

Source: entwickler.de

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