How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC: 7 Simple Tricks

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC: 7 Simple Tricks
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Capturing a screenshot is the same as taking a picture of the screen itself. The user can capture just a region or the full screen, and extra tools are available to improve the screenshot's quality and output.

The ability to take a screenshot and save it for later use has contributed to its meteoric rise in popularity. Did you want to know how to take a screenshot? In this article, we will discuss a guide to taking screenshots in Windows with inbuilt utilities or with the Best Screen Capture Software for Windows.

A Guide to Taking a Screenshot

Here are seven easy ways to capture screenshots on your computer:

Method 1: Print Screen

To capture your whole screen, press the Print Screen key, PrtScn. We will simply copy this full-page screenshot to the clipboard without saving it. So, copy the image and paste it into an image editor (such as Microsoft Paint) before saving the file.

Method 2: Windows Key + Print Screen

To capture the full screen of your computer, you can use the Windows key and the Print Screen shortcut simultaneously. Just navigate to the "Pictures" folder and look for the "Screenshots" subfolder to locate your screenshot. Conversely, you can copy the current screen to the clipboard by pressing the PrtScn key on your keyboard. You must copy and paste the screenshot into an image editor before saving it.

To implement this strategy, follow these steps:

Step 1: Using a shortcut key is all that's required. Then hold down the Windows key and the PrintScreen key simultaneously.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC: 7 Simple Tricks

Step 2: When you open the utility, your screen will temporarily turn off. Taking a screenshot is as simple as selecting the area of the screen you want to capture.

Step 3: Find the "Pictures" subfolder in My Documents and double-click on it. "Screenshots" can be double-clicked. Windows will generate this folder without your intervention.

Now you can see that this folder contains your screenshot.

Method 3: Alt + Print Screen

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC: 7 Simple Tricks

You can capture a screenshot of the current window with this simple method. A simple keyboard shortcut, Alt+ PrtScn, will do the trick. Pressing this will copy the current window to the clipboard. The next step is to launch an image editor, copy the screenshot, and save the file.

Method 4: Snipping Tool

One of Windows' built-in tools is the Snipping tool. It lets you draw on your computer screen or at least a selection. To take a screenshot with the Windows snipping tool and save it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the Start button and then type in "snipping tool." You can also press the Win + Shift + S keys to access the Windows Snipping Tool utility.

Step 2: After launching the tool, choose "New" to capture a screenshot.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC: 7 Simple Tricks

Step 3: Find the part of the screen you want to capture.

Step 4: Snapping a picture and storing it.

Step 5: Pressing Ctrl + S will save the screenshot you just took.

Method 5: Xbox Game Bar

Microsoft Windows Xbox Game Bar lets you take screenshots while playing any game. Activating this feature requires pressing Windows and G simultaneously. Windows' default shortcut for screenshotting the entire screen is Windows key + Alt + PrtScn.

On a Windows desktop, laptop, or phone, follow these steps to create a custom shortcut for the game bar:

Step 1: Press the Start button. Then go to the Settings menu. The window for configuring will pop up.

Step 2: Navigate to the Gaming section. Then transfer to the panel on the left. Press the gaming bar.

Step 3: You can customize the shortcut to your liking. To keep your shortcut key, click the "Save" button.

Method 6: Using Snagit

Follow the following steps for using Snagit to take a screenshot properly on Windows PC 7:

Step 1: Enabling the window for capture. Then pressing the arrow will take you to the notification panel. Then press the icon for Snagit.

Step 2: The capture window will pop up when you click the capture button. Select the options for screen capture.

Step 3: You can choose from various screen capture options in the capture window.

Step 4: Locate and select the "Capture" button. This is the way to go if you want to capture an active screen.

Step 5: You can change the shortcut for screen capture for Windows by pressing the global hotkey beneath the Capture button. Then simply click and drag the mouse to select the area. Pressing the PrtScn key on your keyboard will also accomplish the same thing.

Method 4: Snip & Sketch

Annotating and sharing screenshots has never been easier than with Snip & Sketch. The program's user interface is far more intuitive than Windows's previous snipping tool. The latest Windows Snipping Tool is the updated version of Snip & Sketch.

The shortcut to launch the Snip & Sketch application is Windows + Shift + S. A slight darkening of your computer screen will occur. The next step is to choose the area of your screen that you wish to capture, launch an image editor, copy and paste the screenshot, and save the file.

What is TweakShot Screen Capture?

Quickly capture, edit, and record your screen with TweakShot Screen Capture, developed by Tweaking Technologies. This screen capture software will be your go-to answer for taking screenshots, editing, saving and sharing your screenshots on different apps. The tool can capture the full screen, a selected area, a single window, a scrolling screen, or record a video of your screen activity.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC: 7 Simple Tricks


  • Complete Screen Recording
  • The Capture of a Single Window
  • Capturing a Specific Area
  • Recording Your Screen
  • Screenshots that scroll
  • Store Photos in the Cloud

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC: 7 Simple Tricks

How to Use TweakShot Screen Capture?

Following is the process in steps of TweakShot Screen Capture:

Step 1: Start using the app after it has been installed.

Step 2: To capture a screenshot of a specific area, click in the centre of the circle eye.

Step 3: Use the mouse or the accompanying device to select the desired area.

Step 4: Press the mouse button when finished. You can make simultaneous edits in TweakShot Screen Capture's image editor.

Here, you can make adjustments such as cropping, blurring, marking, adding text, pixelating, highlighting etc.

Step 5: Select "Save" from the menu.

Here, you can find your saved screenshot. Using the tools on TweakShot Screen Capture, you can also capture screenshots of the entire screen, a specific window, or even a region on the screen.


Finally, taking good computer screenshots will help you capture and share information faster. Using Windows 10 or 11's built-in tools or shortcuts to save and share important content is up to you. With these procedures, you can Capture a Scrolling Screenshot.

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