Is Online School The Right Choice?

Is Online School The Right Choice?
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Benefit #1: Complete on a Flexible Schedule

Online education gives high school students the ability to study on a flexible schedule, so long as a course is completed within its designated timeline, giving them more time to engage in extracurricular activities, like sports, performing arts, music, volunteer work, or part-time jobs. Studying online can also give students more control over the classes they take every semester.

Benefit #2: Dedicate More Time to Subjects

Because online courses give students the ability to work on a firm but comfortable schedule, they can dedicate more time to understanding a subject they may be struggling with and get the one-on-one attention they may need. Studying online can also give students more freedom to schedule meetings with instructors or tutoring sessions.

Benefit #3: Explore New Academic Topics

Online learning enables students to explore courses and subjects that may not be available at a brick-and-mortar school. Some of these courses can involve cutting-edge fields or subjects with narrower appeal, such as technology, art, engineering, healthcare, or finance.

Benefit #4: Take on Part- or Full-Time Employment

Online learning can open up time during the day that students can use to work part- or full-time jobs. Students can use this extra time to build their resumes by pursuing work in fields like retail, food, hospitality, performing arts, tutoring, or childcare. It can also allow them to get involved more in their family’s business or even explore their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Benefit #5: Enroll in an Affordable Option

Online education can be a more affordable option than attending a private school. According to Private School Review, the average cost of a private high school is $14,522. Some online high schools, however, offer low monthly payments or even free tuition. A quality online education may be more affordable than you think.

Benefit #6: Build a Deeper Understanding of Course Material

Online education enables students to more intensely study and pursue certain academic subjects, which they may not have been able to do in a conventional learning environment. For instance, students can develop a greater understanding of topics like technology, business, health care, visual arts, engineering, and science. Students can also have greater freedom to learn outside the classroom via field trips, work experience, internships, volunteering, and industry events.

Benefit #7: Lean from Talented Instructors

Online teachers often come from diverse, fascinating professional backgrounds, giving students the ability to learn from and collaborate with various people. Online teachers may have a wealth of knowledge in leadership, industry practices, management, communication, presentation, and entrepreneurship. Online teachers may also mentor students in various forms of personal and professional development, like goal setting, networking, facing failure, and organization. They can also help students with the pursuit of a career in a specific industry by helping them gain soft skill, education, and licensing requirements.

Benefit #8: Study in a Convenient Format

Online learning enables students to complete their coursework wherever is convenient for them, so they can continue their schooling no matter where they are. Some of the places students can study in include libraries, coffee shops, homes, workplaces, community centers, or outdoor spaces such as parks.

Benefit #9: Pursue an Enriching, Alternative Option

Some students may have communication, interpersonal, or behavioral issues that make an in-person program not ideal. Online education gives these students the ability to thrive.

Some of the common and potentially disruptive issues high school students face include depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, emotional prospects, or caring for a family member. Online education can give these students the opportunity to dictate text or email using voice-activated programs, relief from social pressures, and freedom to design their own learning space.

Benefit# 10: Strengthen a Career

In addition to a full-fledged high school program, students can take the individual courses that will help them throughout their lives and careers. Students can take courses in subjects like communication, leadership, and personal finance to develop personally and professionally.

Benefit #11: Enjoy Different Teaching Methods

Online courses are delivered differently from in-person courses, giving students the ability to obtain more personal attention and understand topics more closely. Online courses offer greater transparency in teaching through the ability to provide explanations on course structure or greater instruction detail, and this can give students more say in course expectations and assignment requirements.

Benefit #12: Earn an Accredited Diploma

By completing an online education program, students earn a diploma from an accredited institution that can help them obtain competitive jobs and live better lives. Students should make sure their online high school has the necessary national or regional accreditation from accreditation agencies. Examples of these agencies include the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, Southern Association of College and Schools, and AdvancEd/Cognia.


A quality online high school education is a stepping stone to a college education, and the skills students develop while taking online high school courses can easily be applied to the demands of online courses, remote jobs, and personal relationships. Looking for a visual aid to share this newfound information? Check out the infographic below created by The American Academy

The several unique benefits of an online high school education for various students.

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