LG Unveils the Next-Gen OLED TV Display Tech - OLED EX

LG Unveils the Next-Gen OLED TV Display Tech - OLED EX
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LG Display The world's top innovator in display technology, has unveiled its latest OLED TV technology called 'OLED EX which is said to be more bright than the standard OLED.

LG's latest OLED EX technology promises to boost brightness by as much as 30% when compared to traditional OLED screens. LG Display has also stated that it will improve the accuracy of its displays by improving color rendering and vibrant details like veins of the leaf.

LG Unveils the Next-Gen OLED TV Display Tech - OLED EX

The improvements result from two fundamental modifications:

The first one is the use of deuterium as an element in LG's chemical composition for its OLED panel (whereas the traditional OLED display utilizes simple hydrogen). Water is the source of deuterium, and deuterium compounds are utilized for diodes to create this high-efficiency light-emitting device. After being stabilized and paired with LG's machine-learning algorithms, these diodes can be expected to be more bright and more conductors.

The other upgrade is the inclusion of the algorithmic processing of images. LG Displays declares that the utilization of every individual LED within the display will be calculated by your patterns of watching so that you can precisely control the energy output of the display and better convey the colors and details of the videos being shown.

Additionally, to improve the picture quality in addition to the picture quality OLED EX technology decreases the size by 30 percent. LG Display says the OLED EX display will feature thinner bezels which will reduce from 6 millimeters to 4 millimeters. This will give viewers the most immersive and elegant viewing experience.

LG plans to start the transition process of all its OLED items into OLED EX that is integrated into LG Display's OLED production facilities located in Paju South Korea and Guangzhou, China starting from Q2 2022.

Despite a recent upgrade to their OLED technologies, LG showed off new transparent screens as well as a recline OLED throne, which is curving during the Consumer Electronics Show.

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