My Cell Phone Battery is Swollen: What can I do about it?

Battery Lithium-ion: Performance Comes at an Expense   The lithium-ion battery is a tried-and-true and technique-proven option for electronic devices of today for industrial use as well as cons...
22 January 2022 ·
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Chip Art: Where Amazing Happens

What is Chip Art? The term "clip art" is Also known as silicon art chip graffiti or silicon graffiti is a term used to describe micro-art works that are integrated into circuits (also called chi...
18 January 2022 ·
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Innovations You Should Not Miss at CES 2022

CES is the world's biggest consumer electronics exhibition that began in Las Vegas on January 5 2022. While the world remains hidden by the disease, and numerous firms have stated that they are u...
08 January 2022 ·
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Fire at ASML Plant Could Worsen the Chip Shortage

In the 3rd US Eastern time, Reuters reported that a fire erupted in a plant located in Berlin, Germany, owned by Dutch lithography giant AMSL.       Photolithography Machine Used...
05 January 2022 ·
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HDMI 2.1a Adds SBTM Feature

HDMI 2.1a is expected to be announced during the forthcoming CES 2022 that kicks off on the 5th of January. The following year. HDMI is the most recent version of the upgraded in-use HDMI 2.1 standard...
04 January 2022 ·
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LG Unveils the Next-Gen OLED TV Display Tech - OLED EX

LG Display The world's top innovator in display technology, has unveiled its latest OLED TV technology called 'OLED EX which is said to be more bright than the standard OLED. LG's latest OLED EX tech...
31 December 2021 ·
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TSMC Introduces the New N4X High-Performance Computing Node

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) introduced the N4X manufacturing process this week with the promise of innovative capabilities in high-performance computing (HPC) designs. N4X Techn...
24 December 2021 ·
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MICLEDI Demonstrates New MicroLED Arrays Based on a 300mm CMOS Platform

MICLEDI Microdisplays is an ingenious technology firm developing microLED displays designed to make use of the latest Gen. AR Glasses Technology and has demonstrated the first array of microLEDs desig...
20 December 2021 ·
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COSEL Announces 300W PJMA Series of Power Supplies

COSEL Co, Ltd (6905: Tokyo) today announced the expansion of its medical power product by adding 300W versions in COSEL Co, Ltd's PJMA series. Features: I/O isolation: 4kV Extra-wide wo...
16 December 2021 ·
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The SIA Urges Termination of 301 Tariffs Against China

SIA the American semiconductor industry group has submitted a letter to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in December. 1 urging the removal of the harmful tariffs on semicond...
14 December 2021 ·
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ST MEMS ScanAR Tehcnology Enhances AR Glasses Development

In November 2020 ST reached a collaboration agreement with Quanta to design a prototype design for AR intelligent glasses. To enhance the capabilities of this technology ST launched an initiative...
13 December 2021 ·
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What is the Difference between a Microprocessor and a Microcontroller

Intro Microprocessor or microcontroller is among the two most frequently employed terms in electronics. What exactly are they? What is the difference between them? The microprocessor (MPU)...
09 December 2021 ·
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Qualcomm Announces 3rd-gen Snapdragon 8cx and 7c + Gen 3 Compute Platform

Qualcomm Technologies has launched their 3rd Generation Snapdragon 8cx computing platform as well as the Snapdragon 3rd generation 7c+ compute platform. Both make use of intelligent networking technol...
04 December 2021 ·
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What is a PTC thermistor

Basics Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors are devices that act as resistors, that increase their resistance with temperature. They can be utilized in cases where the use of a var...
03 December 2021 ·
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How to Install a Capacitor to an Amp

Basics - The purpose of the Power Capacitor A capacitor is a storage for electric voltage or power. That's why they're often known as power capacitors, or simply power caps. Additionally,...
02 December 2021 ·
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How Will 4680 Batteries Affect the Global Power Battery Industry?

With the advent of electrification, any change that occurs in the lithium battery market will be exponentially increased. In recent times, due to the development of the battery 4680, the plates t...
01 December 2021 ·
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