'Minecraft' now has 112 million Monthly Users

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Fortnite may still get the most the spotlight However, that doesn't mean it's hurting the other gaming phenomenon. Microsoft's Helen Chiang told Business Insider in an interview that Minecraft has now 112 million active players every month, an increase of 20 million over the figures in October 2018. This includes all players, including players who play through an Xbox Game Pass. However it's still an impressive achievement for a game that's existed in some form for more than a decade.

Chiang said it was partly an advantage of the imaginative game's evergreen status -it's a title people "keep coming back to." You may fire up Fortnite or any other game that take the spotlight however there's a good chance that you'll want to build homes and tunnels in Minecraft after that.

Other aspects are also likely to be important. The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent On top of its sheer ubiquity across platforms, Minecraft's blocky graphics and simple mechanics allow you to play on modestly-equipped devices, whether it's a budget PC or a smartphone. You can still have a great experience with an affordable investment in hardware.

Microsoft's main challenge at present is to ensure that the game is relevant. The augmented reality of Minecraft Earth helps, as does ray-tracing and other attempts to enhance the look. However, it's not clear if that's enough. Roblox recently hit 100 million monthly players, and Fortnite could be getting close (it was reported to have 78.3million players in August 2018). It may not take long for other games to catch the cultural zeitgeist.

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