New Trends in Mobile Application Development

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Every year, more and more people adopt mobile phones as their primary communication device. A report by Ericsson & The Radicati Group shows that there were an estimated 6.64 billion smartphone users across the globe in 2022. This rapid mobile device proliferation is fueling growth in the economic sector with more businesses developing mobile apps to enroll their services to the public and meet consumer needs. Here is a closer look at the trends currently shaping mobile app development.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT, or the internet of things is a collective term for a growing network of devices allowing convenient and automated control through connection to the internet. A good example of this is smart home technology, which allows homeowners to perform various tasks within their home like adjust the thermostat or lock a door through a mobile device. According to recent estimates, the global IoT market is currently growing at an unprecedented rate and is expected to be worth $318 billion this year. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Like many other sectors of the economic and tech industries, mobile app development is doing remarkable things with AI. Some examples of AI integration in mobile apps is the use of virtual personal assistants and chatbots for customer service across various industries. Developers are also using AI – in conjunction with Big Data – to enable personalized service delivery and ads for gamers gaming sites. The technology allows online gaming providers to collect and analyze data from what players do on the app versions of their platforms. This information is then used to optimize the players’ accounts to display the online games, promotions, and tournaments they prefer. For instance, can use data from your recent visits to poker strategy guide websites to direct you toward legal and legitimate poker sites in your region.

Mobile Security 

As more companies enter the mobile app space, the need for cybersecurity becomes all the more pronounced. Consumers today can make financial transactions and book flights from their phones. While allowing banks and airports to reach a wider market, this setup also opens up these sensitive businesses to cyberattacks. This is why mobile app developers are placing more emphasis on building resilient systems. Much of this move is currently being driven by blockchain technology, multi-factor authentication (MFA) processes, AI, and vulnerability tests.

Wearable Technology

Wearable devices are more than the fashion fad they were when they first hit the market. Businesses are implementing new ideas by the day and have now started pairing these devices with mobile apps to increase the range of their offerings. Packaged this way, wearable devices now allow for data analysis, which helps providers personalize their services. Developers are even going a step further and conceptualizing mobile apps for similar devices like healthcare gadgets and smart glasses.

Beacon Technology 

Beacon technology harnesses wireless transmitters to send ad notifications and information to detected mobile devices with specific apps within a given area. The beacons interact with a mobile application installed on the recipient’s device that is designed to receive the sent signals. By coding this technology into mobile devices, developers can help businesses detect and activate potential customers nearby.

Wrapping Up: The Way Forward

Statista reports that more than 275 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2022. This is a remarkable increase of more than 40 percent from 2018. Today, mobile apps are more than the standard features that accompany a mobile device. Apps today deliver your favorite games to any device, allow you to perform automated actions around your home, shop, book your flights, read your favorite books, and more. Moving forward, experts forecast that more businesses will adopt applications as their primary or complimentary income source and the industry will continue to grow.

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