Nothing Phone 2 Review: Unveiling the Mid-Range Marvel of 2023

Nothing Phone 2 Review: Unveiling the Mid-Range Marvel of 2023
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The smartphone market is flooded with options, making it increasingly challenging to find the perfect device that offers a balance between performance, features, and price. In our comprehensive review of the Nothing Phone 2, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of this mid-range contender. Having spent over 45 days with this device, we've had the chance to explore every nook and cranny. In this blog post, we'll highlight the device's strengths, identify some areas for improvement, and offer our perspective on whether it's a worthy choice in the crowded smartphone landscape.


  1. Impressive Display: The Nothing Phone 2 boasts a generous 6.7-inch screen with vibrant colors and adequate brightness. The addition of a 120Hz refresh rate ensures a buttery-smooth user experience, reminiscent of flagship devices.

  2. Clean Software Experience: While it's not a pure Android version, the Nothing Phone 2's skin closely resembles stock Android, ensuring a fluid and bloatware-free user experience. The thoughtful software additions enhance functionality without cluttering the device.

  3. Robust Performance: Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1 processor, the phone handles daily tasks with ease, showcasing remarkable fluidity and minimal heating issues, unlike some competitors in the market.

  4. No Bloatware or Ads: Nothing Phone 2 proudly follows in the footsteps of Google Pixel and Motorola devices by keeping the interface free from bloatware and annoying advertisements. It provides a clean and smooth user experience.

  5. Solid Build Quality: Despite a few accidental drops, the aluminum chassis has proven durable. A testament to its robust build, the device endured falls without significant damage. A bumper case is recommended for added protection.

  6. Excellent Call Quality: Whether you're on Airtel or Jio, the Nothing Phone 2 delivers clear call quality without the annoying proximity sensor issues that plagued its predecessor.

  7. Reliable In-Display Fingerprint Scanner: The phone's in-display fingerprint scanner functions flawlessly, ensuring secure and convenient access to your device.

  8. Impressive Stereo Speakers: The device features stereo speakers that offer above-average sound quality. The balanced output from both speakers enhances the audio experience, making it enjoyable for multimedia consumption.

  9. Regular Updates: The Nothing team has been proactive in rolling out software updates, ensuring a stable and bug-free user experience. The focused approach to updates sets it apart from manufacturers with a plethora of devices.

  10. Satisfying Battery Life: Surprisingly, the 4700mAh battery delivers impressive endurance. Users can expect between 6.5 to 8 hours of screen-on time, translating to a day and a half to two days of usage between charges.

Cons and Suggestions for Improvement:

  1. Low-Quality Pre-Applied Screen Protector: The pre-applied screen protector is subpar and prone to scratches. Nothing should consider improving the quality or omitting it altogether.

  2. Large Size: The 6.7-inch screen makes the Nothing Phone 2 a rather large device. While manageable, a slightly smaller form factor would enhance usability.

  3. Customizable Glyph Interface: While the Glyph interface is a unique feature, it could benefit from increased customization, particularly with regard to notifications. Allowing users to assign specific notifications to different glyphs would improve its utility.

  4. Limited Ringtone Selection: Some users may find the pre-installed ringtones quirky. Offering a selection of more traditional ringtones alongside the distinctive options would cater to a broader audience.

  5. Haptic Feedback: The haptic feedback, while not terrible, could be improved for a more premium feel, considering the device's price point.

  6. Camera Performance in Low-Light: The Nothing Phone 2's camera performs decently in most scenarios, but it struggles in low-light conditions. Further optimization in this area is recommended.

  7. Vibration During Video Recording: The vibration caused by the leveler during video recording can be annoying and result in shaky footage. A software update to address this issue would be appreciated.

  8. Include Charger in the Box (India): In the Indian market, including a charger in the box, especially for a device that supports fast charging, would enhance the overall user experience.

  9. Availability: Expanding availability to other e-commerce platforms in addition to Flipkart would provide users with more choices and potentially a better shopping experience.

  10. Price Point: While the Nothing Phone 2 offers a compelling package, a slightly more aggressive pricing strategy would make it even more appealing to consumers.


In conclusion, the Nothing Phone 2 presents a compelling mid-range smartphone option with a polished software experience, solid build quality, and a clean interface free from bloatware. It shines in various aspects, including its impressive display, reliable performance, and commendable battery life. While it has its share of minor shortcomings, most of them can be addressed through software updates. Overall, if you're in the market for a mid-range device that closely emulates the Pixel experience without the Pixel price tag, the Nothing Phone 2 is certainly worth considering.

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    Nothing Phone 2: A closer look at its pros and cons. From its solid performance to software updates, this review highlights its features while suggesting areas for improvement. Is it the right choice in the crowded smartphone market?

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  2. Felix Turner

    The Nothing Phone 2 Review: Exploring Mid-Range Excellence and Growth Areas: From its remarkable display to potential refinements, our review of the Nothing Phone 2 scrutinizes its features and offers insights into its place in the smartphone landscape.

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