PHP, salary calculator & IT Trends 2020 – Our Top topics of the week

Alex Alex 28 October 2019
PHP, salary calculator & IT Trends 2020 – Our Top topics of the week

PHP, PHP and more PHP: the Motto of the last week. But you want to believe the numerous statistics, is dedicated to the programming language under. This is not the case, we have proved in the past week. Also interesting is the salary calculator from Stack Overflow, as well as the Gartner technology Trends 2020 was for you. Everything is in retrospect.

„those declared dead live longer“ – it says in a proverb. The programming language of PHP, in the coming year 25 years old, but it is often already been told of the doom ahead. On the occasion of the International PHP Conference in 2019, we have investigated this rumor, man. In addition, we have presented you the results of the Gartner technology Trends for 2020, as well as the salary calculator of Stack Overflow.

lots of PHP and JavaScript

the calendar week 43 was again a conference week: The International PHP Conference and the International JavaScript Conference took place in Munich. In a opening speech we have captured the most important information to the sister conferences. We were also live on site and have looked at some of the exciting Sessions. The Highlights you will find in our Take-aways from the three main days of the conference:

We have transferred the Keynotes in the Live Stream. So if you are not going to be able to, or you are the Keynotes lead once again to a look at want – here are the Links:

While the sister conferences, we have conducted exciting Interviews with some of the IPC and iJS speakers on various topics:

Gartner technology Trends for 2020

In the past week we have taken a look at the annual technology Trends of the U.S. company Gartner. In it ten key aspects will be presented, which will occupy the industry in the future. Not only innovative Cloud solutions and advanced automation of equipment is an integral part of the Outlook into the future of technology Trends, the transparency of the company in terms of data security play a role. Curious? Here it comes to Gartner's technology Trends for 2020.

PHP Monitoring: the Datadog

Recently, the Datadog-APM solution has the ability to PHP-based environments to monitors. Application developers and administrators can thus monitor distributed Traces from endpoint to endpoint. This allows the entire system to be maintain health of your PHP infrastructure. Our author Stefan Marx shows in his post how.

salary calculator Stack Overflow: Where to earn developers the most?

Far away from the posts around PHP and JavaScript, were you very interested in the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator 2019. Last week we introduced you to the salary calculator of Stack Overflow, has recently received an Update. Now, the computer should be able to display, which is the IT professional group is paid salary, and whether professional experience make a difference. Developers and employers to obtain representative salaries for IT jobs – also in Germany. click Here for the overview post to Stack Overflow, Salary Calculator 2019.

More Must-Reads of the week:


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