Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - A New RECORD

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - A New RECORD
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What are the typical parameters you would look at while purchasing a new phone – Is it the cost, display size, resolution, battery life, durability, camera, or Operating system? However, did you know that when it comes to driving optimum performance, there are three parameters that are actually important? Processor, the type of storage, and RAM.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset which will bring significant upgrades in performance and efficiency compared to the S22 Ultra. The S23 Ultra will also have UFS 4.0 storage that is not only twice as fast as the one on its predecessor but it's also 45% more efficient.Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - A New RECORD

Now, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is also reported to have the world's fastest RAM on any mobile phone, the LPDDR5X bringing a complete upgrade in all three important parameters when it comes to driving optimum performance on a mobile phone.

Samsung says that the new memory reaches 8.5 Gbps speeds, which is the industry’s fastest speed for DRAM. The S22 Ultra has LPDDR5 RAM and its maximum data rate is 6.25Gbps. So this means we're seeing a 36% improvement in RAM speed. Samsung also mentioned that they achieved this record speed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which pretty much confirms the upgrade for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

This will enhance user experiences with new features and improved performance for high-speed data service applications including 5G, camera, AI applications, and more. Not only that, the new RAM is more efficient as well. So coupled with the new chipset, new storage, and new RAM, the S23 Ultra will surely have a noticeable improvement in performance while also providing more battery life than its predecessor.

Now, we also have some other information about the S23 Ultra. Ice Universe mentions that Samsung has increased the weight of the phone by 6grams. The S22 Ultra weighs 228g, but the S23 Ultra will weigh 234g. The additional 6g is probably coming from the frame at the sides which is now a little wider.

He also gave information about the camera. You see the S23 Ultra will give you only two-megapixel modes in the camera. One is a full 200MP resolution and the other is a pixel-binned 12.5MP resolution. There will not be a 50MP mode like Xiaomi and Motorola provide with their 200MP phones. Almost all of us are going to use the pixel-binned 12.5MP mode on the S23 Ultra and some of us will take the full 200MP resolution. I don't see a reason why we need this 50MP mode in the first place. And for those wondering, the S23+ and S23 Ultra will still support 45W of fast charging.

Anyway, here's the rumored specification list for the S23. Nothing really is changing here except the chipset and the battery. The latter is seeing a 200mAh bump this time. 

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