SEO for Pinterest - A Comprehensive Guide to Pinterest SEO

SEO for Pinterest - A Comprehensive Guide to Pinterest SEO
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22 December 2022

Pinterest is frequently viewed as the go-to network for pinning recipes and home décor ideas, but it is also a great digital marketing tool. And Basic SEO tips can help you make the most of it.

Pinterest is visited by over 416 million individuals each month to discover and classify things they like. While you may associate Pinterest with social networking, it is also a strong search engine.

Pinterest has become a major source of social revenue for many businesses, particularly e-commerce. You'd be negligent if you didn't use this platform to build your web of influence and convert admirers into customers.

Pinterest recently polled its users to see how they purchase on the site. According to the findings, Pinterest impacts what consumers buy, which brands they prefer, and how much they spend. Among the noteworthy statistics are the following:

  • 72% say Pinterest stimulates them to shop when they aren't shopping for anything.
  • 70% of people use Pinterest to find new items.
  • 90% of respondents believe Pinterest helps them determine what to buy.
  • 78% find it beneficial to view brand material on Pinterest.
  • 66% of people purchase after seeing a brand's pins.
  • 59% use Pinterest to learn more about their purchases.

Keeping these statistics in mind, let's look at how people search on Pinterest, how the Pinterest search algorithm works, and how to utilize SEO.


Pinterest SEO Fundamentals: What Is Pinterest's Search Algorithm?

 SEO for Pinterest - A Comprehensive Guide to Pinterest SEO

Let's get back to fundamentals. You can save or "pin" any image you discover online as a Pinterest user. You may assemble and organize the topics you care about by establishing multiple boards and classifying your collections. When a picture is pinned, it is connected to the source website.

Assume you want to try a new pizza recipe.

You can quickly search for that term on Pinterest and browse through various pizza recipe photos and ideas. Once you've decided on one, you may save it to your own board and make it accessible to your followers.

When you search for anything on Pinterest, how does it know what material to serve? Four major factors influence Pinterest SEO:

  1. domain quality
  2. pin quality
  3. pinner quality
  4. topic relevance

What are the implications of each of these? The quality of your website, as determined by Pinterest, is referred to as domain quality. Pinterest knows how many products from your site were pinned. Make sure to pin regularly, enable rich pins on your account, and generate engaging content.

How Does Pinterest Determine Pin Quality?

Pinterest ranks pins based on their freshness, popularity, and quantity of engagement. Pinterest keeps track of every incidence of your pin. For example, if you have a pin on your board and someone else shares it on theirs, Pinterest will track the interaction from each iteration of the pin. Create engaging images and interesting material that people will want to share to improve pin quality.

Pinterest evaluates your overall quality as a content producer and pinner based on how active you are and how well your work is appreciated. Increase the quality of your pinner by being active, sharing popular material, boosting saves, and communicating with followers.

Topic relevance refers to keywords. Similar to how Google functions, keywords affect what appears in the Pinterest search.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

To establish a strong presence on Pinterest, create strategic boards and pin and repin relevant material.

Pinterest determines select cards to compare. By using keywords. Keywords should appear in your board titles, board descriptions, and the descriptions of each photo you pin. This instructs Pinterest on how to classify your pins and content. Begin by conducting keyword research to improve your content. Look up phrases related to your audience and industry on Pinterest.

Pinterest auto-suggests phrases as you enter to help you narrow down your search. Make a mental note of these terms.

Include them in your pin descriptions, board names, picture captions, and profile descriptions. You should also use relevant hashtags and keywords.


Pinterest SEO for E-commerce

Pinterest streamlines online buying by making it simple to find things, making it a great platform for e-commerce firms. This article will show you how to optimize Pinterest SEO for e-commerce websites.


Get A Pinterest Business Account

Set up a Pinterest Business Account if you want to sell on Pinterest. It comes with a slew of specialized assistance, innovative methods, and marketing direction.

A business account also grants you access to statistics and advertisements. You'll be able to collect data on views and interactions as you add more material to your account.

Optimize Your E-commerce Website for Pinterest SEO

Optimizing your website for Pinterest visitors is crucial. Consider who would want to pin articles from your site to their boards.

To begin tracking conversions, add the Pinterest tag to your website.

Add share buttons to your product pages as well. As a result, visitors are encouraged to follow you on Pinterest and share your items with their networks.

When visitors click the share button, they are sent to Pinterest. They can pin the things they like there.

This may increase website interaction and keep people engaged with your business throughout the digital environment. With the Pinterest tag in place, you may use the data to construct customized advertising campaigns.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide goes into further detail and includes numerous Pinterest SEO case studies. It delves into numerous tools, settings, categories, and other factors that might make or break your Pinterest SEO strategy.

 Which Pinterest Ad Formats Should You Explore?

For each aim, Pinterest provides a range of ad format alternatives. Here are a few to look into:

  • Standard: Vertical or square image
  • Video
  • Shopping: Users can purchase buyable pins right away
  • Carousel: Users can scroll between numerous photos in a single pin
  • Collections: In this ad type, combine lifestyle shots with product imagery

Choose the ad kind that is best appropriate for your brand. A video or carousel ad may be the best option if your product is aesthetically appealing. Collections are ideal if your firm provides a service or experience.

Jess Bahr, a Pinterest user, made a Pinterest board with Pinterest ad samples. The board includes a wide range of companies and ad formats.

BlendJet is one Pinterest success story, with revenues increasing by double. The firm used Pinterest for a highly visual campaign stressing the blender's mobility, adaptability, and appearance; consequently, sales more than doubled.

The video adverts worked as product demos, demonstrating how the blender works. Meanwhile, regular advertisements featured several scenarios for utilizing the BlendJet One, ranging from in the vehicle to on the trail. Campaigns run by the firm currently provide an 8x return on investment (ROI).


While SEO services may appear overwhelming at first, it is simple to use once you get the hang of them. Pinterest is worth investigating if you are searching for a tried-and-true strategy for increasing brand exposure and website traffic.

Remember that over 400 million individuals use Pinterest each month, and 90% of those users utilize the platform to make purchasing decisions. Pinterest SEO may assist you in attracting millions of those visitors to your website. Elite SEO PRO is one of the most reputable and successful SEO Service agencies in the United States.


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