Top 6 Easy Ways to Identify & Verify the Make and Model Number of Your Android Phone

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These methods will help you know more about your phone.


If you have been using your Android phone for a long time, it is possible you may have forgotten its model number. Knowing the model number is essential if you are reselling the phone or looking up solutions to issues that are specific to your device. Luckily, there are several ways you can find the model number of your phone. In this article, we bring you the top 6 easy ways to identify and verify the make and model number of your Android phone.
Identify the Model Number from Settings
Step 1: Go to Settings.
Step 2: Select ‘About Phone’.
Step 3: The model name, model number, and serial number of your smartphone will be displayed. You will also find the IMEI number here.
Step 4: Some smartphones may contain the model and serial number in the Regulatory Information section.
Use a secret code
There are certain dialer codes you can use to carry out the basic tests and diagnose certain issues on your device. These codes vary among different manufacturers. But there is a universal code for finding out the IMEI and Serial number of your device. Launch the dialer and type in *#06# to view the IMEI and Serial number. It is also possible to identify and verify the make of your Android phone by using certain dialer codes. For Samsung smartphones, enter *#2222#, *#1234#, and *#12580*369# to check the hardware and software details of your device along with the date of manufacturing.
Check the packaging
Your device’s packaging contains all the product information you can ask for. You will find the model number, serial number, and IMEI number printed on it. Find the retail box that your Android phone shipped in and turn it around to reveal the device info. You will also be able to see details like the date of manufacturing, the number of network bands on the device, the BIS mark, and more.
Check the sticker on the back panel
When you take your device out of the box, you will notice a sticker on its back panel. This sticker contains the essential information about the device. This is where you’ll find the model number of your Android phone as well. If the sticker is still applied to the back panel, check the model number on it. If not, try to remember if you applied the sticker somewhere else after peeling it off your device. It is likely that you applied it to the retailer box.
Check under the battery
If your smartphone comes with a removable battery, you will find the model number printed underneath it. Simply remove the back panel and then remove the phone’s battery. The phone’s IMEI and Serial number will either be printed on the panel or there will be a sticker containing them.
Use a third-party app
There are a bunch of third-party apps that can reveal your device information with ease. Droid Hardware Info is one of the best apps around for this task. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, give it the necessary permission to function properly. Upon launching the app, you will be able to see all device information related to the system, memory, camera, and more. The app will display the model number, build number, OS version, name of the manufacturer, build fingerprint, and other information.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find the model number of my phone?
Go to Settings>About Phone to view the model number of your device. You can also find the retail number on the retail packaging. If you do not have the retail box on you, use a third-party app like Droid Hardware Info to find additional information about your device.
Is the model number the same for two devices?
Yes, the model number is the string given to a product when it is launched. All units within that line will have the same model number. The model number between two units from the same product range may differ if they are sold in different regions with different warranties and support.
Is the serial number the same as the model number?
No. The serial number is unique to your individual device whereas the model number is the same for all units in that product line.
These are the top 6 ways to identify and verify the make and model number of your Android phone. You can use the model number to look up more information about your device online. If you are looking for troubleshooting options, it is suggested to search for your phone by its model number to find more specific results. 
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