Top 7 Ways to Fix “Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out?"

Top 7 Ways to Fix “Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out?"
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There may be a number of reasons why Facebook keeps logging you out of your account.

Facebook continues to be the biggest social media platform, with over 2 billion active monthly users. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has developed not just in size but also in functionality, with features that have radically changed how we interact online. Oftentimes, users complain of being regularly logged out of their Facebook account while using the website. Today, we show you how to fix the “Facebook keeps logging me out” issue.

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Clear cache and cookies

A cache is a temporary location to store frequently used information while visiting a website. Cookies, on the other hand, hold the login credentials that allow you entry into your account. Cookies are also responsible for timing out the session when you’re visiting a website. Even Facebook has a session limit, after which you get logged out of your account.

In order to clear cache and cookies on your web browser, go to Settings>Privacy and Security>Clear browsing data. Select cache and cookies and clear them.

Clear Facebook app cache
If you keep logging out of the Facebook app, try clearing the app cache and see if the issue resolves itself. Here’s how you can go about it.

Step 1: Go to Settings and select Apps.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Facebook.

Step 3: Tap on Storage.

Step 4: Select ‘Clear cache’ from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Someone else is using your account

It is quite possible someone else is using your account. If your account is logged in on two devices, logging out of one will automatically log you out of the other one. You can fix this by changing your Facebook password so only you have the login credentials to your account. Go to Facebook Settings>Security and Login>Change Password.

Remove third-party access

If you’ve linked your Facebook account to any third-party apps, it is possible that they may be responsible for logging you out of your account.

Go to Facebook Settings>Apps and Websites. Remove access to all third-party apps. Hopefully, this will fix the issue at hand.

Disable suspicious browser extensions

Extensions and add-ons for your web browser may seem innocuous, but the faulty ones can interfere with the most basic tasks on your browser. If you first experienced the Facebook logout problem after downloading a third-party extension, chances are that it is the extension that caused it. To view all your browser extensions, type chrome://extensions in the address bar and hit Enter. Remove any new extensions you may have installed.

Facebook Auto Login
While logging in to your Facebook account, click on the ‘Remember Me’ icon. It will automatically log you in whenever you open Facebook on your browser. This should only be done when you’re the only one that uses the device.

Update the Facebook app
Sometimes, an unexpected bug may be the reason why you keep getting logged out of Facebook. These bugs are usually fixed in an update. Go to the Google Play Store and search for Facebook to see if there are any pending updates for the app. If yes, tap on ‘Update’ and relaunch the app to check if the issue has been resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I stay logged in on Facebook?
To stay logged in on Facebook, select the checkbox for ‘Remember Me’ or ‘Remember Password’ while logging into the Facebook app or website.

Why is Facebook telling me I’m logged in somewhere else?
Whenever you log into Facebook using a new device, it will notify you about it. It will also give you the name and location of the device. If you can’t verify the device, then it may be an unauthorized entry and you should change your Facebook password.

Why did Facebook log me out and say the session expired?
Corrupt files in the cache and outdated browser cookies can log you out of Facebook while displaying the ‘session expired’ message. Clear the app/browser cache and cookies to fix this issue.

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Following these instructions will cover everything when it comes to this particular issue. If you’re using Facebook on your smartphone, you can try clearing app cache and cookies from your phone settings. If the problem persists, delete the Facebook app and reinstall it. If you’re still getting logged out, try rebooting your phone.  

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