What is local SEO?

What is local SEO?
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01 November 2020

SEO is an essential tool to make websites appear in search engine results. That is why businesses hire local SEO Singapore experts to work on their websites and make them rank in search engines. However, before you go find an SEO company, it is essential that you understand a few SEO strategies. One of them is local SEO.

Local SEO has become vital these days given the current circumstances of the pandemic. Many businesses hire a local SEO services Singapore specialist to incorporate this SEO strategy to fully optimize their eCommerce website. In this article, we will discuss what local SEO is. We will also cover how local SEO works in search engines, specifically Google. Lastly, we’ll cite a few reasons why you should apply local SEO on your website.

What is local SEO?

Considered as a branch of SEO, local search engine optimization is focused on optimizing websites. This is so they can be found in local search engine results easily. This strategic process, known by many local SEO Singapore professionals, puts emphasis on helping local businesses appear in the search results of users near them. 

Search engines, like Google, know that people do searches because they want to find certain businesses that will solve their problems immediately. That is why the proximity of such business is important to these users. Furthermore, these people are mostly using their phones to do searches. Thus, local SEO is also a good strategy employed by local SEO services Singapore agencies in order to target the mobile users. 

How does local SEO work?

In SEO, Google uses crawlers in order to figure out what each webpage is all about. The information gathered by the crawlers will then be placed in an index. This index is then fed to the algorithm so when users make a search, Google can easily provide the most relevant results. That is also the case with local SEO. The only difference is that local SEO uses a proximity factor.

Google uses a separate algorithm for local SEO. One is focused on the main Google search results. While the other is more concentrated on the local map pack results. In order to optimize a website based on local SEO, local SEO Singapore experts use techniques with a localized intent. They use localized keywords and incorporate them in the content, on-page optimizations, and link building. In link building, local SEO services Singapore specialists garner relevant backlinks as many as they could. The domain authority of the other website doesn’t matter. What matters are the quantity and relevance of the backlinks. 

Apart from keywords, Google has other factors that determine the ranking of a webpage in local SEO. One of them is the Google My Business platform. That is why it is important that the business is registered to Google My Business. Citations and reviews are also important signals to get a website ranking in local SEO. For that reason, many online businesses encourage their customers to write a review on their business and services. A good local SEO services Singapore business can help you get your eCommerce website ranking using these factors.

Why local SEO is important

Reason #1 - Getting more in-person visits for your physical store

Many consumers do an online search to know if a certain place they heard of exists. That is also the case when they are looking for the physical store of an online business. Many still prefer to visit the physical store. May customers go online to know where the physical store is located. They try to find the address and figure out how to get there. Therefore, if your company appears in the local search results, customers may come and visit your physical store. Thus, local SEO professionally incorporated by a local SEO Singapore agency helps businesses be found by their customers.

Reason #2 - Generate better sales

Customers still prefer to make purchases in physical stores rather than online stores. However, that doesn’t mean having a website will not contribute to any sales. People, nowadays, do research before making any purchases. Thus, having a website means that you have a platform where users can get information on your business and products. Through local SEO applied by a local SEO services Singapore business, users can look for the stores they need that are accessible for them. These mobile local searches can lead to customers visiting the physical store and make purchases. As a result, business sales increases.

Let’s work on your website’s local SEO

Local SEO is a good tactic to employ onto your website if you want to target a local audience. Furthermore, local SEO has less competition. Thus, it is likely that many local customers will visit your website and  avail your services and products. Do you want your eCommerce website to appear in the local search results? Wiz Marketing, a great local SEO Singapore company, can help you achieve that. Find out how by contacting us today!

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