What is SEO and it's type?

What is SEO and it's type?
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SEO-(Search Engine Optimaztion) 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process of improving a website's visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). The primary goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to a website by optimizing various factors that search engines consider when ranking web pages.

SEO and it's types:-

On-Page SEO: This refers to optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page SEO involves optimizing factors directly on the website, including:

Keyword research and optimization:  Choosing relevant keywords and strategically placing them in titles, headings and content.
Content optimization: Creating high-quality, valuable content that satisfies user intent and incorporates relevant keywords.
Meta tags optimization: Optimizing meta title tags, meta descriptions, and meta keywords to improve click-through rates in search results.
URL structure optimization: Creating search engine-friendly URLs that are descriptive and include relevant keywords.
Internal linking: Linking related pages within the website to improve navigation and distribute link equity.

Off-Page SEO: This involves optimizing external factors that influence search engine rankings but are not directly controlled on the website. Off-page SEO primarily focuses on building a website's authority, credibility, and popularity through activities such as:

Link building: Acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites to improve the website's authority and credibility.
Social media marketing: Leveraging social media platforms to promote content, engage with audiences, and attract inbound links and shares.
Online reputation management: Monitoring and managing online reviews, mentions, and feedback to build a positive online reputation.

Technical SEO: This aspect of SEO focuses on optimizing the technical foundation of a website to ensure search engines can crawl, index, and understand its content effectively. Technical SEO includes:

Website speed optimization: Improving page load times to enhance user experience and satisfy search engine ranking factors.
Mobile-friendliness: Ensuring that the website is optimized for mobile devices, as mobile-friendliness is a significant ranking factor for search engines.
Website architecture: Designing a logical website structure with clear navigation to help search engines understand the website's hierarchy and relationships between pages.
Schema markup: Implementing structured data markup to provide search engines with additional context about the content on the website.

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