What is The Sandbox and SAND token? (Play to Earn The Sandbox crypto game)

What is The Sandbox and SAND token? (Play to Earn The Sandbox crypto game)
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04 May 2022

Which type of video games do you prefer? Do you like to create and explore new worlds? Or perhaps you like to play sports? Or maybe you prefer something more action-packed,  where you can battle an army of zombies? In the Sandbox, you can do  all these things, and more!

The Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse  built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.   It has many features in common  with the popular Minecraft game.   Both worlds use voxel graphics; both encourage  players to create new items and structures;   and both provide players with access to  resources like land, lava, and water.

Full property rights set Sandbox apart from  traditional games. When someone joins Sandbox   and buys a piece of real estate, they receive  an NFT representing a claim to the land. The   same thing goes for in-game items.

Thanks to the  decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain,   neither the creators of Sandbox nor anyone  else can take away land from a user. Ethereum was, after all, created by  Vitalik Buterin shortly after World   of Warcraft developers intervened to  weaken his prize “warlock” character!

One of the most disruptive elements of Sandbox  is that users can create new items using the   voxel editor, mint them as an ERC1155 token,  and then sell them on the Sandbox marketplace. This means it’s the players who are  financially rewarded for their creativity,   and not simply the producers of the game.

There are 166,464 unique plots of land in  the Sandbox universe. Each plot of virtual   land measures 96 x 96 meters. Since the  game is never going to create more land,   it makes the existing parcels scarce  and valuable. When a player combines   multiple plots of land into one larger  parcel, it’s referred to as an estate.

landowners can build things like  museums and art galleries on their plots,   and can choose to monetize the experience  they create by charging admission to visitors.

Digital art galleries showcasing NFTs is  one of Sandbox’s most exciting use cases,   along with live concerts inside the  Metaverse. Rapper Snoop Dogg recently dropped   10,000 playable “Doggie” avatars into the  game, and has hosted private parties and shows.

Even if some events are invite-only, anyone can  join the Sandbox and walk around the virtual world   for free. However, to fully participate in the  universe, a player needs to buy a piece of land.   Only players with land can create new items  and sell them in the Sandbox marketplace.

If you want to get involved  in the Sandbox economy,   you’ll need to know the difference  between SAND and ASSET tokens. SAND is the official currency of the  Sandbox, and players can use SAND to buy   in-game items and purchase new land. SAND coins  can also be staked to earn passive income. The second Sandbox-based coin is the ASSET token. 

 ASSET is a term that refers to all of the in-game  items people create and upload to the marketplace. Recent developments are dominated by  “play-to-create” initiatives from third parties.   Custom-built estates from partners like  Ubisoft invite users to get involved and   help build their own original  experiences within the game. 

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