iPhone 12 Takes The CROWN From Samsung

iPhone 12 Takes The CROWN From Samsung
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06 November 2020

So up until now, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was the fastest phone on the planet as far as opening apps and games in speed tests are concerned. But the latest iPhone 12 models have a better 5nm A14 bionic processor compared to the 7nm chip on the Note 20 Ultra and it was expected that the iPhone 12 Pro will outclass these 7nm Android phones in raw performance and that's exactly what we are seeing in the latest video of PhoneBuff.

For those unaware, Phonebuff does these speed tests where he uses robots to measure how long it took each phone to open a series of apps.iPhone 12 Takes The CROWN From Samsung Each smartphone opened the same series of apps, including Facebook, the camera app, Microsoft apps, Adobe Rush, games, and more. He also measures the RAM management, how well the smartphones are able to keep apps running in the background. So it gives a good idea of how these smartphones are going to perform in day to day life because what we want from phones is to load the apps as fast as possible and keep them loaded in memory for seamless multitasking.

With that being said, both of these phones performed similar in every apps and game, except in Adobe rush, a mobile video editing app, where the ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ pulled well ahead in the portion of exporting the video thanks to its 5 nm processor which shows just powerful these 5 nm chipsets are compared to 7 nm ones. A fair comparison would be 5 nm vs 5 nm which means it's not the Note 20 Ultra but S21 Ultra is a fair competitor to the iPhone 12 Pro. But in any case, iPhone 12 managed to take the lead in the first test by 15 seconds.iPhone 12 Takes The CROWN From Samsung

The second test involves how well the smartphones are able to keep apps running in the background, both phones performed identically since both of them kept all the apps and games open.

iPhones performed poorly in this second test for years, in fact, PhoneBuff notes that it’s been 20 months since an iPhone was the fastest smartphone in his tests primarily because of its minuscule RAM count. But that changed with the iPhone 12 Pro as it has 6 GB RAM instead of 4 GB on its predecessor and as you can see, it does make a big difference.

One thing noteworthy in these tests which something Phonebuff should consider in his future tests is that, while closing an app via a swipe gesture, it takes double swipes for Android while it takes only one for iOS as you can see. And as a result, it takes a bit longer for Android phones to close the app which adds up in the total time.

I mean iPhone 12 Pro was 15 seconds faster than Note 20 Ultra in the first test, and 3 seconds faster in the second test. If it wasn't for those double swipes, the Note 20 Ultra would have performed identically to the 12 Pro in the second test, and the gap would be narrower in the first test.

I know it's a feature of Android which PhoneBuff doesn't have any control over, but it's something I guess you should know about. It's also worth mentioning that these speed tests hardly matter in today's world where chipsets have gone so powerful that you will hardly notice the difference even side by side unless you edit your videos on your phone which I don't think people do because the editing software on a mobile isn't good enough for now.

In any case, let me know what do you think about this down in the comments.

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