Samsung - FIRST LOOK At The Future

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Samsung - FIRST LOOK At The Future

A lot of companies are working on some form of smart glasses that will change how we view the world around us. Instead of pulling a phone out of our pockets to talk to people or interact with apps, we may do these things simply by speaking to, and looking through, a set of glasses.Samsung - FIRST LOOK At The Future There’s a race to be the first to make a set of glasses that everyone will wear, which means they have to be fashionable and sleek enough to wear all day and everywhere you go. Advocates of the technology hope that you’ll one day be able to replace every screen in your life with just one pair of smart glasses.

If glasses replace common gadgets like our phones or computer screens, it will mean big business to the company that comes out on top. We’re likely years away from that. But today, however, Samsung’s work on Augmented Reality has been leaked in two videos that show how Samsung is planning to add a new breath of life to the world of augmented reality.

The first video is titled the Samsung Glasses lite which shows glasses that are much thicker than regular eye frames, but immediately familiar. We can see the real-world application of these glasses with a simulation of what the person is viewing through Glasses Lite. Samsung - FIRST LOOK At The FutureIn the first case, he's playing a car game with what appears to be on a Samsung phone with a docking station with a controller. Next, he shows you can control the glasses through a Galaxy smartwatch which Samsung calls integrated control, you can do things like watch a YouTube video.

The person next switches to “Dex Display” and replies to an email with a physical keyboard, while a floating desktop appears in front of them.Samsung - FIRST LOOK At The FutureA “Video Call” scenario is also shown. This person then walks outside and activates “Sunglasses Mode” to hide the AR displays. While in the open, the glasses can also be used as a display for the drone.

If you notice, these are the real-life application of AR glasses and not some 007 type thing.Samsung - FIRST LOOK At The Future This then indicates that this isn't just a concept that will never see the light of day but an actual developed product that we'll see in the near future.


Speaking of concept, the 2nd video is all about that. Titled next wearable computing, that shows the virtual keyboard, to operate AR office to zoom in, with an unlimited field-of-view, unlike the first video.Samsung - FIRST LOOK At The Future It also shows holo calls with full-body virtual guests and room-scale immersion. Even though this is totally possible to do in the future with AR, but we're surely years away from seeing this in a commercial product.

With that being said, I firmly believe that AR is the future of mobile computing and it can replace our phones, tablet, and even TVs. Augmented reality has slowly made its way into our daily lives over the past couple of years, changing the way we shop, play games, and even learn. Unlike the 100% immersive virtual reality headsets that are failing to gain traction, smart glasses give users a sense of physical and digital worlds simultaneously, providing a much more natural experience.

And the fact that Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Snap, Facebook, and others are all working on some form of smart glasses, it's only a matter of time we see this becoming the next big thing. The question is, who will try to introduce AR glasses to the world first, and how successful that attempt will be?

Anyway let me know what do you think about this down in the comments.

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