Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - FIRST REAL LOOK At The Crease

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - FIRST REAL LOOK At The Crease
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21 June 2022

 Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold lineup has come a  long way in the few years they’ve been around.   There’s a real, tangible novelty to the  ways in which they differ from your stock   standard ‘glass-sandwich’ smartphone.  But that doesn't mean they are perfect,   they still face two significant issues: one  of them is the dreaded crease. Although it   has improved as Samsung's foldable phones have  evolved ever since they were launched in 2019, but Samsung is still miles behind compared to the  competition as far as the crease is concerned.  

But things are changing with the Galaxy Z Fold 4,  rumors have been saying the Z Fold4 will have the   least noticeable crease we've seen on a Samsung  foldable phone. And we have a real-life picture   to suggest that it was indeed true. Ice Universe has posted the image of the   crease of the Z Fold 4 next to the Z Fold 3, and it  shows the Z Fold 4 has a less pronounced crease.  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - FIRST REAL LOOK At The Crease

Although it's not as good as the one on the  Oppo Find N, it is a significant improvement   compared to the Z Fold 3. I've also shown you the  crease on the Z Flip 4 where Samsung has done an   even better job at minimizing the crease.

Moving on, I have some great news if you are   a fan of technology. You see the future  of smartphones is not foldable phones,   not even rollable phones. The future of  smartphone computing actually belongs to AR   Glasses. Initially, the AR glasses will simply be  an accessory that will pair with your smartphone,   like the Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch. And  one day they will make smartphones obsolete.   And that day is sooner than you think because  Apple's AR glasses have now entered the design   development stage. That's according to industry  analyst Jeff Pu who says Apple's AR glasses are   one step closer to becoming a reality with a  prototype to be ready by the end of this year   and mass production in the second half of 2024  which is way earlier than what we expected.  

To be clear, Apple will first release a mixed  reality headset in early 2023 which is going   to be a typical VR headset, but one with  a number of exterior cameras and sensors   that unlock bonus functionality.

Anyway, Apple Glass will rely on a   companion iPhone for processing, so it will have  significantly fewer parts and complexity and would   also not have an exorbitant price tag. Some of  the use cases of these glasses include navigation,   real-time language translations, a personal home  theatre, and many more. The use cases are endless   even more than what our phones can offer. With so much functionality, Ming-Chi Kuo even   says that AR glasses will totally replace iPhones  in the next 10 years which is a huge statement. By   the way, Samsung is also working on AR Glasses and  has already shown a couple of concept videos but   no information about when we might see it. 

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