Samsung Galaxy Note 20 production rate dips

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 production rate dips
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04 November 2020

Almost all the flagship smartphone buying customers have grown used to expecting the premium feel of glass on these expensive devices. Most users don’t believe plastic has a place on a phone that tops a company’s premium model range, especially considering Samsung flagships since 2015 have used a metal and glass construction.

But to everyone's dismay Samsung brought back the plastic construction on a premium flagship device, yes I'm talking about the Galaxy Note 20, a $1000 device that doesn't look like one while also offering a lot less for what it's priced.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 production rate dipsSamsung shot themselves in the foot when they actually decided to market this $1000 phone with a 60Hz display, no MicroSD card slot, and plastic back. I can understand them wanting to differentiate the Note 20 Ultra from the Note 20, but they differentiated it too much to the point where it was destined to flop in terms of sales and that's what we are hearing from South Korean media today.

According to reports Samsung has scaled back the production of the Galaxy Note 20 lineup by 30%. They were initially planned to make 900,000 units of the Note 20 series in October but it ended up manufacturing 600,000 units. Apparently, people are not seeing much value in the smaller Note 20 and rightfully so.

But the good news is, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is doing better than the Note 20. The ratio of sales between the Note 20 Ultra and Note 20 is 2 to 1 suggesting the $1300 Ultra is faring much better than the standard model.Samsung Galaxy Note 20 production rate dips

To be honest, the problem with the Note 20 isn't the fact that it's plastic but the exorbitant price. I mean look at the S20 FE, it's also made out of the plastic yet it's so popular because for consumers plastic isn't an issue as long as it doesn't break the bank.

The Note 20 didn't do that in any way and Samsung paid a hefty price for that. Hopefully, this will persuade Samsung to do a better job in their non-Ultra flagship variants from going forward.

Samsung while launching the S20 FE said that they will normalize the concept of launching fan edition phones and will launch it every single year. A lot of people were wondering since Samsung launched a fan edition version of the S20, will there be the same one for the Note 20 as well? It seems we might see a Note 20 FE after all because the term Note 20 FE has been mentioned a couple of times on Samsung's Brazilian website.

The website only mentions a couple of details regarding the phone such as it will sport a 6.5-inches display and will feature the Night Mode. Now it's totally possible it's just a typo, the website writer wanted to write S20 FE and accidentally wrote Note 20 FE but interestingly, the name also pops up numerous times in the source code which indicates that it might not be a typo and the company is actually working on a Note 20 FE.

With that said, we also have a report from South Korea that says Samsung is expanding its Exynos lineup to more OEM's. After Vivo, Xiaomi and Oppo will use Exynos chipsets in some of their devices. Samsung wants to increase its market share by offering the Exynos chipset at lower prices than Qualcomm's chipsets. Exynos 1080 and other midrange chipsets are planned for the use of these companies. Apparently, the Exynos 2100 will be exclusively used in Samsung's flagships only. Exynos currently ranks at number 4 behind, Snapdragon, Mediatek, and Hi silicon from Huawei. But Samsung will take the third spot in the coming months due to the sanctions placed on Huawei.

Of course with that being said let me know what do you think about this down in the comments.

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