Samsung Galaxy Note Ad By OnePlus

Samsung Galaxy Note Ad By OnePlus
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09 July 2021

We've seen many marketing blunders in the  smartphone industry. Usually, it's the infamous   via Twitter for iPhone something that we quite  often see with the Android OEMs. Apple isn't   prone to this either, we've seen their official  handles tweeting using an Android phone.Samsung Galaxy Note Ad By OnePlus

So it's   understandable that stuff like this happens. But  OnePlus is taking this marketing hiccup to a whole   new level. They made a tweet from the official  Twitter account of OnePlus India promoting the   S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The tweet read  “The enhanced #SPen is my weapon of choice.”  Samsung Galaxy Note Ad By OnePlus Of course, they deleted the tweet mere minutes  after it went online. But it makes you wonder   how in the world did this even happen?

Well, there could be 2 possibilities. Usually,   these smartphone companies hire agencies to  handle their social accounts. It's possible that   both Samsung and OnePlus have the same agency.  So the guy who's handling the accounts might   have forgotten to switch accounts before posting  the tweet giving people a good reason to laugh   at the brand and at the same time giving some  free publicity to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.  

Oneplus has admitted that they deliberately slowed  down the OnePlus 9 to improve the battery life. A   couple of days ago Anandtech found through their  testing that the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro reduces its   performance while using popular apps on the  play store. The popular apps include pretty   much everything except benchmarking apps like  geekbench.

Whenever the phone detects that you   are using any benchmarking app the phone uses  all of its cores including the Prime X1 core   and then when you're done, it shifts the load to  the less powerful cores. This results in OnePlus   9 users getting reduced performance of apps,  including the likes of Google Chrome, Twitter,   YouTube pretty much all of the popular apps. OnePlus responded admitting that they actually   do it for better battery life  on their latest phones.  

Now some of the OnePlus fans would argue that  they don't find any negative here as they would   happily give up performance for better battery  life and heat management. If you have similar   thoughts then you are totally getting this  wrong. You see it's okay for companies to   prioritize battery life over performance. Nothing  wrong with that. But that's not what OnePlus did.   They paid a premium to get Snapdragon 888  chips and passed that cost to consumers.   They under-engineered the phone and then throttled  the performance for everything but benchmarks so   that people wouldn't notice it as benchmarking  is the popular way to measure the performance.  

So what's happening now is you are getting  performance similar to a Snapdragon 700 chip while   you paid a premium to get the 888 chip. If OnePlus  had taken a more conservative approach like adding   a setting where you could give users an option  to limit the performance for better battery life   then they might have gotten away with it but they  decided to show their products in the best light   possible by engaging in shenanigans. Some of you might also say that isn't it   something similar to what Apple did in 2017? Well,  the difference is Apple throttled older devices   with aged batteries because they could no longer  deliver expected voltage in certain high CPU usage   scenarios, resulting in sudden shutdowns. They  were trying to prolong the life of older devices.  

Also unlike OnePlus, Apple never turned off the  throttling when iOS detected a benchmark software.   The only real commonality here is that in  both cases the companies should have clearly   communicated what they were doing and why. 

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