Samsung Galaxy S23: Confusion about Android 14

Samsung Galaxy S23: Confusion about Android 14
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03 August 2023

Users who own a Galaxy S23 must be patient at the moment. The first test run for Android 14 was supposed to start recently, but users are still waiting for the update. Samsung's support causes more confusion than clarity when asked.

This year, Samsung wants to do everything differently. Instead of rolling out Android 14 to its flagship smartphones first and then supplying the mid-range and entry-level devices bit by bit, all compatible Galaxy smartphones are supposed to receive the update at the same time - model: Apple.

However, the latest delay in the beta test of Android 14 for the Galaxy S23 suggests that the electronics company might have taken on too much.

Samsung Galaxy S23: Beta test for Android 14 delayed

Actually, the rollout for the beta should have already started, but Galaxy S23 owners are still waiting. Some impatient people have written to Samsung support and received the feedback that the update has been withdrawn due to bugs (source: Samsung forum)

"Due to several bugs, etc., it has been withdrawn for the time being," writes a support employee. However, another support employee contradicts this and speaks of misinformation: "This was apparently misinformation in the community." Currently, no information about the beta test is available, they say.

The confusion causes frustration in the Samsung forum: "If you ask 10 people from support, you will get 10 different answers. Wait and see and drink tea (with a shot)," one member writes.

Effects on the final release?

Whether the delay in beta testing will also have an impact on the final release of Android 14 remains to be seen. So far, the update for the Galaxy S23 and all other eligible Samsung smartphones is expected in early October. Ideally, it could even be ready by the end of September.

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