Technoblade: Minecraft YouTuber Dies from Cancer at the Age of 23.

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Technoblade: Minecraft YouTuber dies from cancer at the age of 23


1 July


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Technoblade, a YouTuber on Minecraft was killed at the age of 23. His family shared an emotional farewell video on his behalf.

The video, which was titled "so long geeks" and shared to his 10 million followers and showed his father calling him "the most amazing kid anyone could ask for".

The US internet personality gained fame by streaming live and sharing videos of him playing the sandbox videogame.

Last year, Technoblade revealed to fans that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

The father of his son read his farewell message a few hours before his passing. It began with "Hello everyone, Technoblade here." This is what you should be seeing. I am dead."

He then revealed that his real name was Alex. He also recalled the moment he tricked viewers into believing his name to be Dave.

"Thank you all for supporting my content over the years," he continued. "If I had another hundred years of life, I think Technoblade would be my first choice again. Those were the best years of my entire life."

The online star who has won Minecraft tournaments, and had legions of fans praising his funny antics while playing the game, explained in a video of a fundraising campaign that he received chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a limb rescue operation following the development of a painful tumour.

He died of sarcoma, which is a rare bone and soft tissue cancer.

He announced his diagnosis of cancer in August 2021, stating that he initially thought the pain he was feeling was due to an injury from repetitive stress due to excessive gaming. After his arm became swollen he went to hospital and was later diagnosed with cancer.

Little is known about Technoblade who kept his identity a secret until the end. However, his avatar on the internet was a photo of a crown pig.

He has 10.8 million users on his YouTube channel, where his bio reads: "I play video games often. It's possible that I'm not the most skilled, but I do have hot elbows."

'Strategizing in heaven'

Fans, fellow gamers, and YouTubers pay tribute to him online after the news of his passing.

J Schlatt recalled, "I'll never forget that day I met Technoblade." "I left work early to participate in the Minecraft tournament with Technoblade. I was unable to play... and the dude was able to carry us to win the entire tournament.

"Rest in peace, big guy. You'll be a legend for the rest of your life."

YouTuber Captain Puffy aka Cara tweeted: "Rest in peace Technoblade, He always treated me with love and respect and never denied me access to anything. He couldn't have been more kind!"

She said, "Thanks for everything you have done for this community. It will never be the same again without you."

Tommy Innit stated that "Technoblade" is legendary. From being a massive fan, to being one of his friends, I can't describe how grateful I am to have had the privilege of being in his life. I am sure he is working in heaven to overcome God ...".

"I've been watching Technoblade's videos for the last hour," added Ludwig Ahgren. "He was so witty and so humble even in the most difficult of circumstances. He will always be a role model for me."

Quackity expressed gratitude online too Quackity expressed his gratitude online, writing: "I had the opportunity to express to Technoblade how much admiration and gratitude I felt for him, not just for the huge impact his presence had on us all but also for keeping his incredible humour even in the darkest moments. I will miss him so deeply."

"May he rest in peace,"added eSports gamer Jake Lucky.

Technoblade's dad thanked fans in the video of his farewell, noting: "You meant a lot to him."

He explained that a portion of online purchases for the items of his son would go towards charity.

The video concluded with a written statement by his family. It read: "We, Technoblade, wanted to let you know how his love and respect for his fans and colleagues."

"From Technoblade's first days online, he was constantly figuring out ways to delight and reward his audience - giving away online prizes as well as encouraging good sportsmanship and, most importantly, sharing his Minecraft adventures for entertainment and laughs.

"Even after his eventual successes he still managed to maintain his good-natured humility, competing with a sly balance between confidence and self-deprecating wit."

Minecraft allows players to create their own virtual world by digging holes and collecting blocks.

Recent updates to the game have been utilized by children to develop their professional skills, as well as to tackle real-world issues such as flooding.

Ted Nevison described Technoblade as being "effortlessly hilarious" and "endlessly talented". "Gone too quickly," he said.

Bad Boy Halo also paid their tributes by stating: "Words cannot express how you'll miss. The lives you've touched and the impact you've left on them will last forever."

Slimecicle stated that Technoblade's "personality and sense of humor and sense of humor were an inspiration to him and so many others."

"Thank you for everything you did for the world. You left too soon. You will always be an icon."

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