Teenager who won Dragons's Den Investment Arrested on Suspicion of Burglary

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A teenager entrepreneur who won a PS80,000 investment in Dragon's Den was arrested for allegedly burgling his mother's home.

Jordan Daykin, 19, was the youngest person to ever start a business with the Dragons when Deborah Meaden pledged the money in exchange for a 25 per cent stake in his business.

Two months later, he was arrested after his mother said he had burgled her house and snatched several valuable items including Swarovski crystals as well as four televisions and jewelry worth more than PS4,000.

Claims: Jordan Daykin, pictured right on Dragons' Den earlier this year, is alleged to have stolen from the home of his mother Maria Daykin, right, in Westbury, Kent. He was later detained and released on bail

Permission: Jordan's spokesperson said that he was permitted into the house because his mother had recently suffered an 'unexpected disruption at her home'. Above, is one of the rooms that Ms. Daykin claimed was the victim of a burglary.

Jordan's spokesperson stated that he had permission to enter the home from his mother and he was just helping his brother leave after a dispute. He said that the belongings they took were solely theirs them.

Maria Daykin, mother-of-two, 45, stated that she was 'disgusted ' by her son's alleged actions. They could be part of a family dispute.

She stated that she had to contact the police as it was a violation of her privacy. My home was completely destroyed including all furniture and TVs. I came home to find it was completely ruined.

Career criminal who was Britain's youngest ASBO at 14 years old... "My phone was stolen during my holiday and Vodafone are now making ME...

"He was nominated to all these awards. I believe the sole reason was for me to walk in and see my house destroyed.'

She claims to have lost all the furniture in two bedrooms, along with around 100 DVDs and perfume that is worth close to PS300.

Family feud A spokesman for the teenager said Jordan was merely helping his brother move out of the house in Westbury, Wiltshire, pictured following a dispute. He says they took a few of their possessions.

"Disgusted": Daykin claims Jordan and three other people were the ones who planned the raid to take place while she was out of the house. Above, the mess Ms Daykin said was left in her garage (left) following the reported burglary, and an empty bedroom

"Violation: Ms. Daykin claimed that she returned home to find her home ransacked. She also claimed that items like four televisions two beds, as well as jewellery valued at PS4,000 were stolen.

Ms Daykin is a Westbury resident of Wiltshire said that the incident took place on the 9th of October and that her son was quickly detained by Wiltshire Police later that night.

She claims Jordan and three other people had planned the raid to take place while she was away from the house.

He was detained and held overnight before being released on bail after extensive interrogation.

Record-breaking: Jordan Daykin became the youngest Entrepreneur to secure a loan on Dragons' Den . Deborah Meaden, pictured, pledged PS80,000 for a share in his company

Jordan's spokesperson said Jordan was just helping his brother leave the house after a dispute.

He stated that some belongings of his brother were taken away, as well as some of Jordan’s.

He said that his mother had given him permission and added "She's had a sudden change at home." Jordan's sensitive to her emotional state.'

Last week, Jordan was shortlisted for Young Entrepreneur of Year in the GB Entrepreneur Awards.

After she expressed interest in Grip It Fixings' universal fixing that is suitable for all types of plasterboard Dragon Deborah Meaden presented him with PS80,000 in August.

The investment will assist Jordan with the costs of new equipment, stock increase and a deposit for their warehouse in Melksham, Somerset.

Jordan quit school at the age of 13 and his first venture was an online site known as RS2Services that was motivated by his love for RuneScape the online fantasy role-playing game.

The site provided players with the top RuneScape products at a cheaper cost.

He later created the a nationwide tutoring agency Tutor Magnet, which currently has a database of more than 400 tutors and generates an average of PS2,000 per month.

Jordan came up with the idea of Grip It Fixings in 2008 while putting up curtain rails along with his grandfather, who was 74 years old Stan.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police stated that a 19-year-old man was taken to Melksham Police Station on suspicion of burglary following his arrest at 7:45 PM on October 9.

"He has been released with no further inquiry."

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