1 In 5 Steam Users Are Now Using Windows 11

1 In 5 Steam Users Are Now Using Windows 11
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22 August 2022

As the most widely used operating system on Steam, Windows 11 has passed Windows 10.

Steam players have become 2.5 times more likely than they were annually ago to be using Glass doors 11, and they are also twice as likely to have done so in the past six months.

While 28% of all Vapor users, Windows 10 remains in 2nd place, although that percentage is down from 35% at this same time last year.

This is in line with Valve's Hardware Survey, which has been updated with information from March 2021

The chipset survey is a once-a-month poll Valve conducts among Steam users. Every month since it began in April 2015, there have been updates.

The Hardware Survey's goal is to determine the types of hardware individuals are using to play games on Steam. As a result, developers may concentrate their efforts on systems with a large market share and make more informed decisions regarding potential future additions (e.g., making sure your game can run on Windows 7).

The question does not evaluate a system's performance level or user experience (for instance, how well does my computer run Overwatch?). To help you make educated selections when purchasing a new pc or upgrading your current one, we've compiled a list of the most popular systems among all Steam users.

Steam users using Windows 11 made up 22.55% of all users for the month.

  • 21.39% of Windows 10 users were Steam users.

  • 19.14% of Windows 8.1 users were Steam users.

  • 18.43% of Windows 7 users were Steam users.

That outperformed Windows 10, which showed a drop in usage and a 21.39% share (albeit probably due to users migrating to Windows 11)

Additionally, the new operating system had fewer users than Windows 10, which had a share of 21.39% and suffered a drop in utilization (albeit probably due to users migrating to Windows 11).

How do you interpret that?

How do you interpret this data? Do you believe that a single console that can run anywhere from your iphone to your pc to your desktop Laptop will be the operating system of the future?

Or is there a place for a variety of systems, each of which may be utilized in a different circumstance — Windows 11, macOS, and Osx, for example?

If more people choose Windows 11 as our preferred operating system, just what do you think happens to Linux in particular? Will Linux eventually be restricted to specific markets where it has historically been prevalent (like servers) or might adoption rise even higher than it has in the past.

How do you interpret that, then?

It's difficult to predict how this will ultimately impact Microsoft. Microsoft still lags even further behind Google and Facebook if 1 in 5 Vive users are running Windows 11. But why, if you were anticipating either a greater or lower figure? What do you suppose this switch controls?

What do you anticipate taking place next? When will Steam support Windows 11 in its entirety? You can consider and install a VPN application for Windows. VPN will provide you with a secure connection. It will secure your window from malwares and viruses too.

How do you believe in Windows 11 in general? Given that competing operating systems now offer similar characteristics but with lower complexity and security vulnerabilities (given those aren't just rumors), is it better than prior os and deserving of your energy and attention?


I find this to be a pretty intriguing pattern, and I appreciate how the stats make it easy to spot. More information on what our users are doing is always beneficial, especially if they diverge from your expectations.

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