Apple - This Is Getting RIDICULOUS

Apple - This Is Getting RIDICULOUS
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01 December 2020

The trusty headphone jack has been a staple in  consumer electronics since it was designed in the   1950s. The jack is functional across devices  and form factors, making it a must-have but   Apple disagreed. At the iPhone 7’s launch. Apple  claimed they needed to lose the headphone jack   in order to waterproof the iPhone 7, and even  said it took “courage” to be among the first   phone makers to take this step.

Fast-forward  to 2020, Apple stopped bundling the charger and   earphones inside the box.The company said that  its removal of in-box iPhone accessories is all   about the environment. However, in reality, it was  a money-making move. First, the company is saving   money by not packaging the iPhone 12 charger  or the EarPods in the box. Then, it’s saving   more money by making the box smaller and spending  less on shipping fees.

Finally, it stands to then   earn additional revenue by selling the charger and  EarPods separately for $19 each. And don't forget   the MagSafe that wirelessly charges the phone,  There’s no MagSafe charger in the box, either,   and buying one of those will set you back $39. So Apple’s motivations aren’t about the   environment at all. It was  all about the money.   And now the company has decided to take this  money-laundering scheme to an even greater level   and remove the charging port entirely.Apple - This Is Getting RIDICULOUS

One of the iPhone 13 variants will have   absolutely zero port to charge the phone. The  rumor originated early this year from Ming-Chi Kuo, but he didn't specify when exactly we're going to  see this happen. But Jon Prosser revealed a couple   of days ago that it will happen as soon as next  year but only one of the four iPhone 13 models   will have zero ports. The other 3 phones will  have the usual lightning port and not USB-C.   There's no information about whether it's the  Pro variants or the regular or mini variant to   not have any ports, I guess time will tell. But  in all honesty, this is the most ridiculous thing   happening to smartphones.

This just seems  like another Apple solution trying to fix   a nonexistent problem. We have a perfectly  functional solution in the form of USB-C   that is now largely supported across phones,  tablets, laptops, and more. Ironically, it’s not   just Android phones. Even Apple has transitioned  the entire Macbook family and its premium iPads to   the port. The standard enables a single  cable solution for all your devices.   Sure unlike with previous wireless chargers,  Magsafe allows you to use the phone while   charging it and because of that, there's an  argument to ditch the port. However, just   because something is possible doesn’t necessarily  mean that it has to be done.Apple - This Is Getting RIDICULOUS

Using the phone with   MagSafe is still uncomfortable to some extent,  I mean it's not as flexible as a cable.   Plus, you won't be able to charge or  connect headphones via Lightning; instead,   you'll have to charge and play audio wirelessly,  which many people do already. But those who   shelled out for expensive Lightning headphones,  in particular, are likely to be cheesed off by   having that option removed.

Additionally, there’s  also the matter of how it makes data transfers so   cumbersome that you are essentially will be  forced into spending on iCloud storage.   Portless phones make sense only when the wireless  charging happens over the air until then this is   just an anti-consumer move that benefits only the  company, not their consumers. I guess this kind   of contemptuous behavior will continue until  enough people resist the urge to empty their   wallets into their phones, but we all know it's  never going to happen.

Let me know what do you   think about this down in the comments.

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