How to Install Flip Clock Screensaver on Mac?

How to Install Flip Clock Screensaver on Mac?
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27 December 2022

A flip clock screen saver is a screen saver that displays an animated image of a flip clock on the screen when it is activated, hoping to add a bit of vintage charm to your Mac display. Flip clock screen savers show an animated image of a flip clock when they are activated.

In contrast to a traditional digital display or hands on an analog clock face, flip clocks display the time using a series of flipping numerals on a mechanical clock, and it is a type of mechanical clock. Screen saver Flip Clock simulates the action of flipping a flip clock, creating an animation that is both visually appealing and nostalgically appealing.

There are a variety of reasons why people use flip clock screen savers. Some people use flip clock screen savers to prevent burn-in damage to their computer display. Burn-in is a permanent injury caused by displaying the same static image over a prolonged period of time. Screen savers that are shaped like flip clocks are often used by individuals to enhance their desktops and add a sense of personality. Among all the screen savers available on the market, Flip Clocker is particularly popular on Mac devices because it has a visually appealing and nostalgically charming design that is well-suited to the sleek and modern appearance of Mac devices.

Additionally, flip clock screen savers are popular not only because of their decorative and exciting functions but also because they are so easy to install and customize that they are also highly popular. There are a number of flip clock screen savers available for download and installation, and most of them offer a wide range of customizable options that allow the screen saver to be customized to suit their preferences in terms of appearance and behavior.

You will learn how to install either the Fliqlo Screen saver or the Flipclocker Screen saver in this article. Both of these are great screensavers, but we will discuss how to install Flipclocker.

Following are the steps for installing the Flip Clock screensaver on a Mac:

  • The file should have an extension of .saver and should be downloaded from a trusted source such as Fliqlo, or FlipClocker. You can download it from Mac App Store as well.
  • You can now install the screen saver by double-clicking the downloaded file.
  • You can start the installation process by clicking the "Install" button.
  • Once the screen saver has been installed, it will appear in your Mac's list of available screen savers.
  • In "System Preferences," select "Desktop & Screen Saver" from the "Desktop" menu.
  • You can customize the settings of the FlipClock screen saver from the "Desktop & Screen Saver" window.

Screen savers can be activated either by waiting for them to expire or by manually activating them by pressing "Shift + Control + Eject" on your keyboard.

It is also possible to try flip clocking online without installing anything.


If you display a static image for an extended period of time, you may burn-in your computer's screen. Screen savers are a useful feature that can help prevent this. Flipclock is a visually appealing screen saver that displays a flip clock animation on your screen.

As well as protecting your computer's display, screen savers can be used as decorative elements to personalize your desktop. Featuring an animated flip clock that is reminiscent of old-fashioned mechanical flip clocks, the Flip Clock screensaver is a great choice for fans of vintage or retro design.

Despite being a simple and visually appealing screensaver, Flipclock can help protect your computer's display and personalize your desktop at the same time. Flipclock screensavers are a valuable addition to any Mac, whether you want to protect your screen or just add some visual interest.

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