Samsung DeX Just Got Better (OneUI 2.1)

Samsung DeX Just Got Better (OneUI 2.1)

OneUI 2.1 introduced several new features, but lost in the mix, were some subtle improvements to Samsung's desktop mode, DeX. So, in the past, the only way to snap windows was to use keyboard shortcuts. It works, but not a lot of people even knew you could do this, and it didn't feel intuitive. The update now allows you to do the exact same thing, but with a mouse, which is much better and works like it would on a PC.Samsung DeX Just Got Better (OneUI 2.1) Grabbing an app and dragging it to either edge will resize and snap it to that half of the display. Dragging it to the top of the display will fullscreen the app. It's a great improvement and way more user-friendly. It also means you can snap windows, if you don't use a keyboard or mouse and rely only on using the phone as a touchpad.

Speaking of that touchpad, digging deeper into the deck settings you'll also notice a new menu for touchpad gestures.Samsung DeX Just Got Better (OneUI 2.1) So, with a touchpad you have a regular tab, a two finger tab, which mimics right clicking on a mouse, and now you have the option to map a three finger and four finger tab. Right now there's a total of six different options so, let's go through each.

So the app screen will, of course, open up your app drawer. Home - recents and back are the three Android navigation buttons. Back is actually what I have my three finger tap map - it comes in real handy when browsing the web or just navigating in general.

View notifications is what I have my four finger tap map to. Great quick way to check on your notifications no matter what you're doing. View quick menu is the last option and will open up your Quick Menu toggles for things like Wi-Fi Bluetooth and mobile data.Samsung DeX Just Got Better (OneUI 2.1) I'd love to see more options added but this is a good start and mix the touch pad a little more capable.

The last improvement has to do with Bixby routines. Another one of those Samsung features that doesn't get a lot of love but is actually really awesome. So what the update did, was added Samsung decks as a trigger. For example, I have it so Bluetooth will automatically turn on so my keyboard and mouse can connect to the phone the moment deck starts.


I also have a set, so the phone automatically rotates to landscape mode, so the trackpad is in the right orientation for how I like to use it. You can also have it so your most used apps will automatically open and be ready for you once you plug into a display.

Outside of those three improvements they've also squashed an annoying glitch on the app screen. In the past if you hit the apps button and try to start searching for something the first letter you typed would be ignored. They fix that  in OneUI 2.1, making the search experience of work how it actually should.

No, these improvements aren't some groundbreaking and no, it likely won't persuade you to suddenly give up on your computer or laptop, myself included. It's a small step, but I'm actually glad to see Samsung showing DeX some attention. I really like the concept and it's one of those features that makes paying $1000+ for a smartphone seem a little less crazy.

I think for most a laptop or tablet makes way more sense but I'm really curious how many of you actually used DeX on a regular basis.

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