Xbox One Gamepads - Types, revisions and models

Xbox One Gamepads - Types, revisions and models
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13 September 2022

There are two types of controllers for Xbox One - Regular (Xbox Wireless Controller) and Premium (Xbox Elite Wireless Controller). A regular gamepad has three revisions, and each revision contains several different models. Revisions differ in some technical features, and models within one revision only differ in color (black, white, in the style of the game, etc.) and equipment (adapter for PC, dlc for the game, etc.).

Outwardly, it is very easy to distinguish revisions of gamepads

If you see a 3.5mm jack at the bottom, then it's the 2nd or 3rd revision of xbox one gamepad. In turn, the 2nd from the 3rd differ in the detail on which the XBOX button is located (top center on the front side). In the 2nd revision, this part is separate from everything else, and in the 3rd it is one with the front panel. In the examples below, this detail is black and white, respectively.

Xbox One Gamepads - Types, revisions and models

The Xbox One S Wireless Controller is free from the shortcomings of both models from Logitech. It is convenient for both small and large hands, can be connected both via cable and wirelessly without losing the signal, plus it has a number of other interesting advantages.

Yes, there are also Dualshock 4 gamepads from Sony consoles that can also be connected to a PC. They have a more familiar symmetrical stick arrangement for some, but were designed mainly for children, so they are less suitable for large hands. In addition, they are not supported by PC games and require special tweaks to work properly.

Equipment and features

The controller is actually called Xbox One without the S, but it is often added to the name on websites, indicating that it belongs to the third version that comes with the Xbox One S console.

There are various packages available for sale:

  • only gamepad

  • gamepad with cable for pc

  • gamepad with adapter for pc

  • gamepad with battery

Unfortunately, there is no all-in-one version and, if necessary, something will have to be purchased separately. Although, some sellers may offer such kits, formed by themselves, and this can be beneficial. What is included in the package is indicated on the side of the box.

We have already decided on the gamepad versions, now let's talk about the adapter version. The first version was large and supported Windows 7, the second version became much smaller and only supports Windows 10. In general, it is preferable, since many games already work only on Windows 10 anyway. Connect up to 8 gamepads and 4 headsets to one PC to play multiplayer games like fighting games or racing together. At the end of the adapter there is a button for the first connection and reconnecting the gamepad if necessary.


The Xbox One S controller is a great solution for a PC - it is well-made, very comfortable and looks stylish. The sticks and buttons are pretty good, and the nice textured plastic body doesn't slip or pick up dirt.

A nice bonus is the ability to connect via Bluetooth and use the headset without being tied to a computer. From what I didn’t really like, I would note a tight press on the sticks.

Of course, I would like to see a standard battery included, as this is an additional cost. On the other hand, the gamepad has ample opportunities for connecting and using third-party batteries.

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