Samsung Galaxy S22 BENCHMARKED

Samsung Galaxy S22 BENCHMARKED
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13 September 2021

Samsung Galaxy S22 will launch in January, so  we're about 3 months away from the Unpacked   event but details regarding the handset keep  surfacing on the internet. Today we have tons   of new information about the handset including  our first-ever benchmark of the S22 as well as we   finally have some numbers to indicate how  Qualcomm's GPU is going to stack up against   the AMD and A15 Bionic chip from Apple.

But first, let's take a look at the benchmark   of the Galaxy S22+ on Geekbench. Samsung Galaxy S22 BENCHMARKEDThis is  the Exynos 2200 variant with AMD graphics.   Graphics don't matter in this test because  Geekbench is purely a CPU benchmarking site.   So it doesn't reflect the performance of the  AMD GPU.

Anyway, as you can see, these scores   are way less than even the Exynos variant of  the Galaxy S21. Let me explain to you why.  

The Exynos 2200 will use Cortex X2 cores  clocking at over 3GHz. But Samsung only used   2.59GHz for this test and that's the biggest  reason for these low scores. Additionally,   the Galaxy S22 will use the latest ARM V9  architecture but the Geekbench 5 is not compatible   with that yet and that's why it shows as V8. They  will update the site later on and when they do,   these scores should go up. So coupled with  a higher clock frequency, the multicore   score should comfortably surpass 4000.

With that said, we've seen GPU benchmarks of   both the AMD and A15 bionic on the iPhone 13. AMD  shattered all the previous records in the GPU test  Samsung Galaxy S22 BENCHMARKED until the new A15 Bionic chip was benchmarked  which just managed to surpass the AMD Samsung   combo with these impressive scores. So all  eyes were on Qualcomm, how are they going   to respond to these massive improvements  in graphics from their competitors.  

Well, today the new Adreno GPU on the  Snapdragon 898 has been benchmarked,   and here are the scores. Samsung Galaxy S22 BENCHMARKEDIf we compare this with  the AMD and A15 bionic chip then scores are much   lower.Samsung Galaxy S22 BENCHMARKED But the Adreno GPU on the Snapdragon  898 has a key advantage over its competitors.   

You see both AMD and Apple have focused on  peak performance while Qualcomm on sustained   performance. This means if you play games for  a longer period of time, both AMD and A15 will   throttle hence reducing the performance. You  won't have that problem with the Snapdragon 898. 

  I am not saying it won't throttle ever, but it will  take a longer time to throttle than the AMD and   A15 bionic. But in any case, all the new chipsets  will offer significant improvements in the GPU   performance compared to their predecessors.

With that said, we have some more information   about the Galaxy S22 Ultra's camera setup.  It's more or less the same camera setup as   the S21 Ultra except the zoom cameras are  expected to feature variable zoom lenses.  Oppo showcased this technology, and it does  make a world of a difference to the quality at   non-native zoom levels. Samsung will still  use a punch hole 40MP camera at the front, and it's not an under-display camera which is  the right move considering the quality of these   cameras are horrible at the moment. 

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