Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Is BEAUTIFUL!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Is BEAUTIFUL!
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21 October 2021

The first look of the Galaxy S22  Ultra has already been revealed.   People are ecstatic that Samsung is bringing back  the Note but at the same time, people have mixed   opinions about the design of the camera module  at the back. Some like it, some don't. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Is BEAUTIFUL!There   has been a rumor that Samsung is yet to decide  the final design of the camera. The iterations   seen so far include this P-shaped camera cutout  and this 11 shaped dual-camera island design.   But it looks like the final design may have  neither of these designs because this is   apparently what the camera on the back of the S22  Ultra looks like. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Is BEAUTIFUL!Letsgodigital made these renders   based on the information they got from a former  employee of the wireless division of Samsung   Electronics in South Korea. On top of that, Ice  Universe is also suggesting that Samsung may   indeed go with this design for the S22 Ultra.

Even though we don't have concrete evidence   to back this claim, and you know what you need  to do until further reports come out but this   design is personally my favorite one among the  three leaked designs. It reminds me of LG Velvet   that had similar camera cutouts which honestly  looked clean and minimalistic. So definitely   hoping that Samsung to go with this design. Ice Universe further mentions that this design   is optimal as far as reducing the weight of the  phone is concerned. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Is BEAUTIFUL!Because the addition of S   Pen will add up to the overall weight and Samsung  needs to remove something to minimize the weight.   The current weight of the S21 Ultra is  228grams and the S Pen weighs around 20   grams. So removing the camera hump not  only helps them to manage the weight   but also makes the phone look more premium.

Anyway, a lot of you were asking me whether or   not the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have  support for a microSD card slot.   The S21 Ultra didn't have an expandable slot  option but considering the last Galaxy Note,   the Note 20 Ultra had support for MicroSD card  slot, people were wondering if its successor has   one too. Well, it looks like neither of the phones  in the Galaxy S22 series has MicroSD card support.   The storage configuration will remain the same  as last year, 128 GB base and 512 GB high end.  

The Unpacked Event part two took place  today and if you've missed it then let me tell   you missed absolutely nothing. They kept a whole  dedicated Unpacked Event just to announce new   colors for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Watch 4. No  new product announcements, no new software feature   announcement, an event full of people talking  new Z Flip 3 colors. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Is BEAUTIFUL!What a complete waste of   time. Samsung should be cautious not to devalue  the Unpacked Events like this or people may start   not taking these events seriously next time. Of course, let me know what do you think down   in the comments.

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