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  1. This line of dell gaming laptops has certainly come a long way, espicially compared to my 7577.

  2. I love how people are praising Nvidia for this technological "advancement" when they barely know anything about Samsung 8nm Fabrication Structure. I can already see what's going to happen with laptops and Hopper, assuming Hopper uses Samsung again. Oh on no no 馃敟馃敟鈿♀殹

  3. I think I'm on Epic's side this time. It's still a tough call, but I think they should win the lawsuit.

  4. Still rocking my Note 9 and I love it. It has everything I want and runs great. I don't mind the very tiny chins. I'd take those over the pinhole cameras. I don't know I just feel like I don't really need anything else? Just sharing my opinion.

  5. By the time the world has upgraded to quantum internet, the DMV will finally be getting DSL

  6. Another proof that there's a lot more to consider when purchasing SSD's than their sequential read & write speeds

  7. Costomization on linux is just amazing you can make the system look what you like very easily and safely and a lower chance to destroy your system

  8. I read somewhere in the manjaro forums that at this point kde has been worked on so much that its now faster than xfce. Is this true?

  9. That motherboard is by far the best I've seen, I dig the black and gold

  10. It seems 2070 is good enough when it come to considering the price point.

  11. Awesome advice as usual!

  12. Latency is the speed! Bandwidth is the capacity!

  13. It's insane how fast Amazon is growing. They are legends at customer retention

  14. These results are so impressive, a 35W CPU kicking ass of a 90w UV/OC CPU. Just so insane!

  15. Damn this ryzen 9 is so good :O but its too expensive for me to afford :'3 i think ryzen 7 is enough for me xD